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Stay up to date with the latest stories and commentary brought to you by Binance, the world's leading blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

Innovation, Regulation, and the Future of the Crypto Industry

Our industry has been growing by leaps and bounds these past few years, both from a technology adoption and new user perspective. When we launched Binance, we decided that it would be our unwavering commitment to users that would differentiate us in the market. As a result of that commitment, we have grown to become the largest crypto platform on the globe.

Binance Portal Broker: Get Paid to Share Ads on Your Website

Binance Portal Broker is the newest addition to our Open Platform initiative, which allows businesses to build with Binance technology and offer unique features to make crypto more accessible to users.

Binance Broker Spotlight: How Entrepreneurs Leverage Binance to Grow Their Own Platforms

Since its inception in September 2019, the Binance Broker program has empowered 570 partners across more than 30 countries to grow their own platforms through the power of Binance’s market-leading crypto exchange.

Binance Broker Spotlight, Part 2: More Entrepreneurs Growing Their Platforms, Powered by Binance

Last week, we shared stories about companies that benefited from the many features and services offered by the Binance Broker program. We have since heard from more of our partners about how the program has helped them reach their goals for their respective platforms. Read the testimonials from three of our 570 partners across more than 30 countries.

Binance Broker’s Bonus Activity for December

In order to encourage and empower our brokers, we are planing this extra bonus program for December. Excellent brokers could earn up to 50% on futures commission.

Binance Broker Program: Together We Grow

Through the Binance Broker Program, we’re able to collaborate with more than 100 brokers to jointly grow the blockchain ecosystem. With the introduction of the Binance Futures Broker Bonus Program, bigger growth lies ahead.

Binance Broker Partner Spotlight: 3Commas

Binance’s partner brokers, such as 3Commas, are becoming important parts of the Binance ecosystem amid our ongoing evolution as an open platform. Find out more about how we work with 3Commas.