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Innovation, Regulation, and the Future of the Crypto Industry

Our industry has been growing by leaps and bounds these past few years, both from a technology adoption and new user perspective. When we launched Binance, we decided that it would be our unwavering commitment to users that would differentiate us in the market. As a result of that commitment, we have grown to become the largest crypto platform on the globe.

Binance Convert: Making Crypto Transactions Quick and Easy for All

Whether you are a retail crypto user in a hurry to exchange one token for another or a large-scale trader who seeks out the best rates without affecting the markets, Binance Convert is for you.

How to Buy and Sell BTC and Other Cryptocurrencies with USD/Fiat Using the Binance Convert & OTC Portal

This guide will walk you through how to buy/sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using USD on the crypto OTC trading portal.

Convert Cash to BUSD to Earn up to 8% Interest

Binance is giving you a better way to grow your savings by letting you save in BUSD (stablecoin) and acquiring an annualized 8% interest for 90 days

Making a Big Trade? Try Our Convert & OTC Portal

Binance has recently launched the OTC Trading Portal following months of development. This portal, which will accommodate large crypto block trades, represents the evolution of Binance’s growing service suite for large-scale crypto users.

Convert Cash to BUSD to Earn up to 15% Interest

Binance is giving you a better way to grow your savings by letting you invest in BUSD (stablecoin) and subscribing to our lending program where you will acquire interest of up to 15% per annum.