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Historical Market Data
Easily download multiple market data on Binance
Binance provides users with historical market data download via web or Binance API.
For more information, check out Historical Data Download FAQ
Also known as candlestick data, K-lines are uniquely identified by their open time with multiplle intervals supported.
Combines the aggregate total volume of orders filled at a given price throughout daily or monthly intervals.
Executed transactions updated at tick level throughout daily or monthly intervals.
Index Price K-line
A funding rate metric composed of a basket of prices from the major spot market exchanges, weighted by their relative volume. For more information, please visit Price Index
Mark Price K-line
A funding rate metric to better estimate of the ‘true’ value of the contract and prevent unnecessary liquidations or any market manipulation. For more information, please visit Mark Price in USDⓈ-Margined Futures
Premium Index K-line
A funding rate metric, where Premium Index (P) = [Max(0, Impact Bid Price - Price Index) - Max(0, Price Index - Impact Ask Price)]/Price Index. For more information, please visit Introduction to Binance Futures Funding Rates
Futures Order Book Data
Available only on Binance Futures. It requires futures account be whitelisted first and can only be download via API.
Orderbook snapshot (S_Depth): Since January 2020, only on BTC/USDT symbol.
Tick-level orderbook (T_Depth): Since January 2020, on all symbols
Real-time Data
Spot and Binance Futures Real-Time Data can be found here
Spot Real-Time Data
Futures Real-Time Data
API Docs
Multiple API Data downloads can be found here.
API Guide
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