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Innovation, Regulation, and the Future of the Crypto Industry

Our industry has been growing by leaps and bounds these past few years, both from a technology adoption and new user perspective. When we launched Binance, we decided that it would be our unwavering commitment to users that would differentiate us in the market. As a result of that commitment, we have grown to become the largest crypto platform on the globe.

Introducing Swap Farming on Liquid Swap: $1,000,000 BNB Up for Grabs!

Swap Farming is a new product from Binance Earn that lets you swap specific token pairs while earning an up to 50% BNB fee rebate. It’s simple to take part in, and claiming your rewards is quick to do. Start swapping your tokens today and start earning from our $1,000,000 BNB rebate pool.

Introducing Auto-Invest on Binance Earn: Schedule and Earn APY On Recurring Crypto Buys

Introducing Auto-Invest, a new Binance Earn product designed to help you easily set recurring crypto buys using your stablecoin balance, and automatically generate passive income. Read this article to find out whether Auto-Invest is right for you.

4 Ways To Grow Your Wealth Successfully

Successful wealth management usually involves several basic strategies. Get to know about the different passive income opportunities on Binance Earn, and start growing your wealth by diversifying into new income streams.

Crypto Cheat Codes: Best Ways to Save and Earn on Binance

There are more ways to earn crypto than ever. Whether you’re earning yields on your crypto assets or saving on every transaction with fee discounts, level up your crypto game and learn how to make your money work harder for you.

How to Earn Interest on Polkadot (DOT) with Parachain Slot Auctions on Binance Earn

For the first time, Binance users looking to support their favorite Polkadot projects can now participate in DOT Slot Auctions on the Binance Earn platform. Before you participate in your first auction, you can read this to learn how you can participate in Parachain Auctions and DOT Slot Auctions.

How To Earn Higher Interest With Binance Earn: Introducing Savings Tier APYs

Flexible Savings will now distribute interest based on brand new Tier APYs. Savers will now experience market-leading interest rates and boosted earnings on their stakes.

How To Use Binance Earn To Earn Compound Interest and Maximize Your Crypto Gains

If you’re already putting your money to work earning passive income, it’s also a great idea to start compounding your returns. Use the Auto-Subscription feature on Binance Earn to automatically subscribe your accrued interest, in order to earn compound interest. You can let Binance Savings take care of the process for you, or choose products that are simple to compound, like Binance Staking and Fixed Savings.

Three Ways To Earn Passive Income To Beat Inflation

With inflation rates rising and interest rates on the decline, just holding your cash and crypto is a sure way to decrease their actual worth. While not everyone has the time to invest their funds actively, there are still ways to make your money earn inflation-busting passive income. Binance Earn has a variety of products that can help you earn money while you sleep, providing year-on-year gains with a hands-off approach.

Binance Spotlight: How Liquid Swap Brings More People to DeFi

Binance is committed to providing the best products and services to its users and building infrastructure for the crypto industry. Part of that commitment is providing a bridge between centralized and decentralized finance for people.

Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Earn Enthusiast

Love gains but want to minimize your risk? Or perhaps you’re a HODLer at heart. Binance Earn has the right product for you, whatever your crypto personality is.

Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Staking Student

If you’re looking to grow your crypto, Binance Earn has the right products for you. Users who want to limit their risk but still secure attractive interest rates can try Locked Savings, Locked Staking and DeFi Staking. Find out how you can get started today.

Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Bitcoin Beginner

No two crypto users are the same. Read on to discover your crypto personality and learn which Binance Earn products are right for you.