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The Leading Crypto Exchange for Institutional Traders
The Binance Institutional offering allows our VIP traders to access professional services for their exchange and OTC trading. Our experienced team works closely with a wide range of market participants,including: including:
-Individual Traders, HFT and Proprietary Trading firms
-Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Family Offices
-Market Makers and Brokers
-Investment Banks, Corporations, Fintech Firms and more
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Learn how to make your first steps towards VIP coverage by opening your individual or corporate Binance account.
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VIP Fees
The higher your volumes, the higher your VIP status and the lower your fees. Discover our tiered VIP fee schedule for higher volume traders available across Spot, Margin and Futures trading.
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VIP Invitation
Are you actively trading VIP level volumes on another exchange and thinking of moving your trading over to Binance? Our VIP Invitation Program helps smoothen the transition with an attractive fee schedule.
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Dedicated Client Support
As a VIP client you will benefit from live support from our experienced team. We cover clients from around the world ranging from high frequency traders, hedge funds, market makers, to everyone in between. Benefit from institutional level coverage today.
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Are you an existing VIP client or are interested in learning more about our institutional offering? Please get in touch with our VIP team to discuss our services in more detail.