Tailored Solutions Built Specifically for Institutions
Execution & OTC Services
Trade on credit and get flexible financing solutions for OTC with competitive rates and preferred terms
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Secure Third-Party Crypto Custody
Store your digital assets and trade with Ceffu’s off-exchange settlement solution, Binance’s third-party institutional custody partner
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Link Program
Supercharge your business and earn commissions on trading via Binance's liquidity and market depth
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Liquidity Program
Enjoy attractive rebates from trading in our spot and futures markets, with the world's best liquidity
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VIP Portal
Discover our premium Binance VIP & Institutional services with our exclusive one-stop hub
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Why Institutions Choose Binance
As a pioneer in the digital asset industry, Binance Institutional delivers market-leading and customized solutions to all types of institutions:
Asset Managers
Hedge Funds
Family Offices
Proprietary Trading Firms
Liquidity Providers
Mining Companies
Over 1450 pairs for various spot trading needs
Largest futures trading volume with over 200 contracts
Comprehensive Binance blockchain ecosystem
Access to the deepest cryptocurrency liquidity pool
in aggregated spot & futures trading volume
$100 billion
24 hour trading volume peak
$7.7 trillion
annual exchange volume
90 million
registed users, and increasing
Discover Proprietary Offerings from Binance Institutional
Trading Solutions
Yield Products
Professional Services
Data & Reporting
Portfolio Margin
Execution Algo Orders
Block Trades
Trade on Credit
VIP Loan
Off-Exchange Settlement
The Binance Portfolio Margin Program is a cross-asset margin program supporting consolidated margin balances across futures and margin with over 200 effective crypto collaterals. Supported crypto assets and positions in USDⓈ-M and COIN-M Futures, and Margin accounts are accounted as one single effective joint collateral to determine the account equity, margin balance and maintenance margin requirement.
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Sophisticated time-weighted average price (TWAP) and volume-based execution algorithms built on robust quantitative design to minimize slippage, market impact, and adverse selection. Ideal for trade large positions and illiquid assets efficiently.
For trade sizes USD $200k equivalent and above, get a quote and execute trades via verified communication channels.If you are looking for an immediate and simple way to execute your trades with a smaller amount, please navigate to our Convert Portal to trade with zero exchange fees and slippage.
Convert Portal
Get access to trading without the need for pre-funding and customized post-trade settlement solutions to optimize capital efficiency. With the flexibility of credit lines, start trading immediately before moving funds between your wallets, or access funds within your Binance wallets to trade across the OTC product suite.
VIP loan provides an immediate solution for your funding needs. With a good credit, you could be approved for an uncapped loan size, with a very favorable loan-to-value ratio, up to 91%. Binance supports over 600 assets and offers bespoke service which contains flexible terms, delayed liquidation features and etc. You will have the full ownership of the funds at a low cost to allocate where you see fit with your investment goals.
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Connect directly via the API over Representational State Transfer (REST) for both request-for-quote (RFQ) and live streaming prices/request-for-stream (RFS) trading solutions. Integrate our pricing seamlessly into your platforms.Private API Keys are provided to all key accounts.
Spot API
Futures API
Our partnership with the third-party custody provider Ceffu allows Binance VIP & Institutional clients to access the Binance Exchange while their assets remain in Ceffu’s independent custody with MirrorX, Ceffu’s off-exchange settlement solution. Enjoy access to products available in the Binance ecosystem, instantaneous delegation of your assets from Ceffu to Binance, T+1 off-exchange auto-settlements, and more.
Dual Investment
Liquidity Farming
Swap Farming
Savings offers a wide selection of digital assets for you to deposit. Flexible Savings allows you to subscribe and earn daily rewards on digital assets, and have flexibility to withdraw the digital assets anytime as you wish. Locked Savings provides you higher earning rates in exchange for locking up the digital assets for a fixed period of time. Start earning daily passive rewards on your idle digital assets!
Staking helps you to lock your digital assets on a Proof of Stake blockchain for a certain period of time. You not only contribute to the network but also earn a regular staking rewards. DeFi Staking also allows you to participate in related DeFi projects indirectly without hassle.

ETH 2.0 helps you to participate in Ethreum network with one-click. Start with as low as 0.0001 ETH and enjoy instant liquidity with BETH. Receive daily BETH rewards and swap BETH holdings to ETH in a 1:1 ratio when ETH 2.0 mainnet goes live.
Dual Investment give you an opportunity to buy or sell digital asset at your desired price and date in the future, while earning higher rewards than other products. You can choose from a wide variety of assets and set the Target Date and Target Price to your liking, and enjoy zero trading fees. Auto-compound your rewards on a weekly basis to maximize the earning potential.
VIP Investors Program
Provide liquidity by depositing your digital assets into Liquidity Pool and earn rewards every hour. We offer various pairs of digital assets in the Liquidity Pool to meet your yield farming needs.
Trade using the liquidity from the Liquidity Farming and enjoy up to 50% of the trading fee rebate in BNB. Trade between Spot and Swap to capture the price arbitrage opportunities and enjoy additional rewards.
Create a plan and regularly invest in digital asset. You can also create a portfolio plan and accumulate up to 10 different digital assets at once. Your accumulated digital asset will generate additional daily rewards from Flexible Savings.
Asset Management Solutions
Institutional Portal
White Label
Custom Login
A popular feature amongst institutional traders, our sub-account feature allows organisations to set-up multiple trading accounts under one single master account - all with well-defined access and control parameters.
Asset Management
We provide this feature to cater to the diversified asset management market needs. It is a new type of sub-account that is owned by the investor but is supervised by the trading team. The enhanced account and asset management structure enables high net-worth/institutional clients to manage the assets efficiently and safely.
This sub-account will connect both investors and trading firms for asset management purposes. With this feature, investors can enjoy professional trading services while keeping the flexibility of managing the account. The aggregated trading volume program will also bring the trading team to have a better VIP fee schedule.
Portal was created with the goal to provide the best one-stop center for all tools and support channels you will need to get trading. You will be able to receive exclusive communications, explore data charts, raise service requests, and manage all your reports; another way to further optimize and streamline your institutional experience with us.
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Liquidity, security, and performance, those are the instrumental pillars of Binance's white label solutions. This service empowers your business to adapt quickly withing the digital asset space, by leveraging the world class infrastructure from Binance, while maintaining your full independence and control. Your business will be ready in no time, and at a very reasonable cost.
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These Custom Login accounts will have read-only rights to access the trade and order histories of the Master Account and the related sub-accounts, and the asset balance and deposit addresses of the Master Account. You can create Custom Login accounts for auditors and non-trading operating personnel on a trading team to view trade/deposit histories.
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Data Analytics
Historical Data
We offer diversified reporting services for your various reporting needs. Please kindly refer to below guide on how to generate reports within account service.
Export Trade History
If you have additional requirements for reporting needs, please kindly fill in the below form or speak to your key account manager.
Binance values data usage in the investment decision making process and strives to create insightful data analytics for platform users. We have implemented exclusive charts on market movement, including return, volume, and long/short ratio information for various types of contracts, and also market liquidity data for more professional use.
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Binance historical data is now available for Spot, USDT-M and Coin-M futures to assist traders with backtesting and optimization of strategies. We also offer Testnet access for both our USDT-M and Coin-M futures products.
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Competitive Fees
Zero BTC Fees
Trade Bitcoin at no cost. No transaction fee is charged when trading BTC with eligible stablecoin.
BNB Fee Deduction
Not only BNB serves an pivotal part in Binance Smart Chain, also enjoy up to 25% off in spot fees when you choose BNB to pay for your trading.
TUSD Trading Pairs
Enjoy zero maker fee when you are trading BTC, ETH and BNB with TUSD.
Exclusive VIP Programs

Binance is committed to creating diversified programs for VIP & Institutional clients to serve various needs. Whether you’re a sophisticated trader, a passive income-earner, or a long-term digital asset holder, we’ve designed a customized program for you. If our current programs don’t meet your objectives, then please tell us in the contact form and our VIP team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Trader Program
Holder Program
Borrower Program
Investor Program
Invitation Program
Explore crypto trading with Binance where we offer the best liquidity and competitive fees. The Trader Program offers VIP level based on your accumulated 30-day Spot or Futures trading volume. Your trading volume statistics can be found in My VIP Fees.
Spot Trading
USDⓈ-M Futures Trading
COIN-M Futures Trading
VIP Level30-Day Trade Volume (USD*)And/OrBNB Balance
No Data
VIP Level30-Day Trade Volume (USD*)And/OrBNB Balance
No Data
VIP Level30-Day Trade Volume (USD*)And/OrBNB Balance
No Data
VIP Level30-Day OTC Trade VolumeAndBNB Balance
≥ 200,000 USDAnd≥ 25 BNB
≥ 1,000,000 USDAnd≥ 100 BNB
≥ 5,000,000 USDAnd≥ 250 BNB
≥ 10,000,000 USDAnd≥ 500 BNB
VIP Resources
Product and market updates, promotions and activities.
VIP & Institution handbook, all you need to know for onboarding and start trading.
Product Brochure
Introduction for Binance Institutional offering,including VIP Loan, OTC trading, Custody,etc.
Our commitment to our community remains the same as it has always been
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