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18th BNB Burn

For this past quarter, BNB completed its first quarterly BNB Auto-Burn. A total of 1,684,387.11 BNB was removed from circulation. This includes 6296.305493 BNB that was burned from the Pioneer Burn Program. Here are the facts and figures behind BNB’s first Auto-Burn:

S.S. Lazio x Immobile Best 6 NFT Drop and PowerStation with LAZIO Rewards

Binance Fan Tokens introduce exciting utility features to the blockchain and sports to help fans celebrate club achievements and engage with teams. Fans can now enjoy a limited-run NFT drop and PowerStation with special LAZIO rewards to celebrate S.S. Lazio’s top scorer, Ciro Immobile and his milestone 160th goal.

Binance Fan Token Platform Presents: SANTOS Fan Tokens with Santos FC

Binance is delighted to bring sports fans the very first Latin American football partnership with Santos FC—allowing fans to maximize their fandom, root for their favorite Brazilian team and enjoy exclusive benefits and fan privileges.

Introducing PORTO Fan Tokens on the Binance Fan Token Platform

Binance is proud to announce its Fan Token partnership with FC Porto, giving football lovers the opportunity to show off their fandom! With exclusive benefits and privileges on offer, FC Porto Fan Tokens offer the ultimate fan experience.

Binance Fan Tokens: Everything You Need To Know About The Future of Fandom

Discover how you can champion your favorite teams and brands. Don’t just be a fan—be part of the team with Binance Fan Tokens. Explore our exclusive launch partnership with S.S. Lazio and get the chance to collect the first-ever Binance Fan Token!