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How to Calculate Mining Earnings on Binance Pool

How to Calculate Mining Earnings on Binance Pool

2020-03-24 11:19
Currently, Binance Pool uses the FPPS Settlement Model for BTC and assumes the risk of income fluctuations due to changes in luck.
Theoretically, earnings and transaction fees are distributed to workers based on the hashrate in the FPPS, PPS+, and PPLNS modes. The settlement calculation methods are as follows:
  • FPPS = (Valid Shares / Difficulty) * (Block Coinbase Rewards + Whole Network Average Transaction Fee per Block) * (1 - Mining Pool Fee Rate)
  • PPS = (Valid Shares / Difficulty) * Block Coinbase Rewards * (1 - Mining Pool Fee Rate)
  • PPS+ = (Valid Shares / Difficulty) * (Block Coinbase Rewards + Average Transaction Fee per Block Found by the Pool) * (1 - Mining Pool Fee Rate)
  • PPLNS = (Valid Shares in the Last N Shares / Total N Shares) * Total Block Rewards Found by the Pool * (1 - Mining Pool Fee Rate)
The theoretical earnings and transaction fee rates for the day can be found in the block explorer in the average block transaction fee rate for the current settlement period.