Binance NFT 2022 Year in Review and What Awaits In 2023


Main Takeaways

  • From a wide range of new, innovative features on our platform to exciting top-tier partnerships, Binance NFT has become one of the world’s most popular NFT marketplaces in the span of a year. 

  • As we continue onto the next chapter, the Binance NFT community can look forward to more innovative features and exciting collaborations.

It’s been an incredibly eventful year for Binance NFT, so let's take a walk down memory lane and celebrate our proudest 2022 milestones together.

Over the past year, we've continued to listen to community feedback and worked tirelessly to improve our platform to make the NFT experience more seamless. Now, we're proud to share our biggest achievements of 2022 — which we achieved thanks to your continued support. 

The Go-to Destination For All Things NFT 

Since our launch in June 2021, we've quickly become one of the most popular marketplaces in the NFT space. On top of onboarding over 600k weekly active users over the course of a year, Binance NFT has also supported the creation and listing of over 2.5 million NFTs across a wide range of categories, such as art, collectibles, gaming, sports, entertainment, and luxury fashion. 

As a popular marketplace for NFT traders, we've also brought in over 370k new NFT traders in 2022, increasing the number of active traders by over 2.5 times and trading volume by 3.5 times since last year.

An Enhanced Binance NFT Marketplace

As a community-focused NFT marketplace, we've regularly implemented new features in response to user feedback. To adhere to our long-term vision for a more robust and accessible NFT ecosystem, we've decided to give our NFT marketplace a makeover. 

This revamp allows users to access a wider range of NFT assets and establishes a smoother user experience for all who wish to explore NFTs from multiple NFT marketplaces and blockchains. The enhanced marketplace includes OpenSea NFTs and NFTs listed on Binance NFT Marketplace. This major upgrade is an exciting milestone on our journey to build a more user-friendly and comprehensive NFT trading platform for the global NFT community.

At Binance NFT, we seek to ensure everyone can participate in the Web3 movement, regardless of their experience or knowledge, hence our NFT Minting feature. Close to 100k NFTs have been created and over 40 million USDT in trading volume generated since we made the minting feature available to all verified users. 

We also launched our Ape NFT Staking Program, where Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT holders can deposit and stake their NFTs to earn daily ApeCoin (APE) rewards. 

An Enhanced Buying and Payment Experience

To further improve users' NFT experience and transaction efficiency, we've integrated Binance Pay as a payment method into the Binance NFT Marketplace. This lets crypto users from the Binance ecosystem conveniently buy fixed-price NFTs and Mystery Boxes on the secondary market. 

We’ve also introduced easy-to-use Payment Features, including Password-Free Purchase Limit (Per Transaction) and Pay PIN, to provide users with a more secure and convenient payment experience. 

Users can also buy NFTs from third-party platforms directly via Binance NFT and compare detailed analytics on our activity history and leaderboards, as well as use the quick-buy option to purchase NFTs immediately. 

What's more, we implemented the Subscription Mechanism feature at the beginning of the year to ensure users have equal opportunities to buy their favorite NFTs from the latest drops. 

Binance NFT Mini App 

As a community-driven NFT marketplace, we've regularly optimized and added new features in response to user feedback. For those who prefer using mobile devices to desktop computers, we’ve rolled out the Binance NFT Mini App feature, a mobile-friendly version of the Binance NFT website. With an intuitive design, users can seamlessly access Binance NFT's products and services within the Binance app.

Mystery Boxes and POAP NFTs

In 2022, our Mystery Box sales reached over $90 million in trading volume. To spice up our Mystery Box offerings, we've released our own collections for cultural festivals and other special occasions to accommodate the needs of a wider range of communities. Some limited edition Mystery Boxes include the Roaring Tiger collection and the Egg-citing Easter Extravaganza collection. 

On the topic of spicing up special occasions, we released our first-ever Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFT at Binance Blockchain Week 2022! On-site attendees could each claim a POAP NFT Mystery Box as a special memento that served as verifiable proof of attendance at the event. Following this, we continued to tie POAP NFTs with many more Binance-linked events, such as the Primavera Sound Festival 2022 in Barcelona. 

Home for NFT Games and Gamers

As of October 2022, our initial game offering (IGO) drops have reached over $1 billion in total trading volume. Presently, we've also collaborated with over 100 gaming projects and listed over $3 million in gaming NFTs, including in-game tools, power-ups, and collectibles.

Top-tier NFT Collaborations 

The past year has been packed with exciting collaborations, including NFT drops with legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, world-famous luxury watch brand Franck Muller, and French postal service La Poste. We also released a premium NFT collection with one of the world's most popular multiplayer mobile games, Mobile Legends.

Additionally, we've worked with musicians and athletes to take fan interaction and merch to the next level. Some of our collaborations include award-winning artist The Weeknd, chart-topping DJ Alan Walker, and professional boxers, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

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User Education to Encourage NFT Adoption

As industry leaders, we are also responsible for educating users and growing the ecosystem in a healthy and sustainable way. In 2022, we released 60 educational blog articles and 15 Binance Academy articles in over 10 languages. The articles cover a spectrum of topics, including NFT gaming, safety tips, Web3 avatars, and beginner-friendly guides on the fundamentals of NFTs.

Binance NFT's Vision for 2023 

Binance NFT was built for the community, and everything we do continues to be driven by the community. It is largely due to our community's support that we can accomplish what we have today. 

In 2023, Binance NFT is committed to further expanding its NFT ecosystem, improving its infrastructure, and providing an even more user-friendly NFT experience for our community. As we get ready to ring in the New Year and make resolutions for 2023, let's look forward to exciting new things in the year ahead!

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