An Enhanced NFT Experience on Binance NFT Marketplace


Main Takeaways

  • A user-friendly, comprehensive NFT trading platform embodying the best of the digital collectibles ecosystem, the new Binance NFT Marketplace is a go-to destination for all things non-fungible.

  • Whether you’re a creator, seasoned NFT trader, digital art enthusiast, or new adopter, we want to make your experience with our NFT marketplace as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

  • In addition to including collections from other marketplaces, we’ve upgraded the look and feel of our platform’s interface and added more ways users can explore and analyze their favorite NFTs.

  • We’ve also implemented various new features and updates to make Binance NFT marketplace one of the most secure and reliable trading platforms.

We revamped Binance NFT platform and launched more user-friendly features – here’s the rundown!

An important part of our long-term vision for a more robust and accessible NFT ecosystem is to establish the Binance NFT Marketplace as a comprehensive platform that serves as a go-to destination for all things NFT.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we're always looking for ways to make our NFT platform more inclusive and welcoming. We're excited to reveal the first phase of our revamp aimed at improving the browsing and trading experience of Binance NFT users. 

On top of adding collections from other marketplaces, we've upgraded the look and feel of our homepage, marketplace, and individual collection pages. We've also introduced more ways users can research the NFTs they're interested in. Keep reading to learn more about the revamp and the latest feature updates, or head over to Binance NFT to experience them firsthand.

The Logic of the Revamp

Before diving into the exciting new features we’ve implemented, here’s a quick backstory of why we’ve decided to give our NFT marketplace a makeover in the first place.

As the NFT industry continues to evolve, we realize that the Binance NFT platform always has room to grow and improve. Based on our community’s feedback, extensive research, and product surveys, we’ve decided to introduce a series of improvements. This aligns with our goal to create an all-in-one marketplace that is easy to navigate for both seasoned NFT traders and those new to the NFT world. 

We’ll continue to roll out changes over the coming weeks and months, focusing on further simplifying the NFT browsing and trading experience for our community.

We want to give a big thank you to the community for sharing your NFT journey with us. You've given us insightful comments to help us improve Binance NFT, and we will continue to prioritize your feedback and needs.

Our long-term plan is to integrate more platforms and blockchains into our marketplace and add more metrics for analysis and tracking. These include NFT collection activity data, rarity ranking, and continuous search optimization. We always welcome user input, so please let us know if you have any feedback on our new marketplace!

What’s New?

A fresh look

We’ve optimized the user interface of our Homepage, Marketplace Main Menu, Search Filters, and NFT Assets pages for a smoother searching and trading experience. Note: Please do your own research (DYOR) before making any NFT purchases on the marketplace. 

Discover NFT drops across multiple chains and platforms

Opening a bunch of tabs from different NFT marketplaces and comparing prices for better buy-in opportunities is now a thing of the past. Users can explore, track, and buy NFTs cross-chain from the comfort of the Binance interface. 

The revamped platform will now include NFTs listed on OpenSea and Binance NFT, which include all assets issued on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. Note that only a majority of the top 200 OpenSea NFT collections that use the ERC-721 standard will be integrated into Binance NFT in the first phase of the marketplace’s upgrade. In the future, we’ll continue to integrate more marketplaces and chains into the Binance NFT platform. 

If the NFT is from another platform, the icon of the source website will appear on the top right corner of the NFT display card.

Note: Third-party NFTs may be eligible to be listed under the Verified collection depending on various factors. These can include sales volume, trading volume, and number of followers on other social media platforms. All other third-party NFTs that are not eligible are listed under the Unverified collection. Please do your own research (DYOR) before purchasing all NFT assets.

Updated Stats page

Users can now explore a variety of NFT rankings on our new Stats page to gain more insight into the dynamics of the NFT space. To see the latest rankings, go to the main header menu, and select [Stats]. You’ll then be able to view [Rankings]. Under [Rankings], there are four types of leaderboards to help users find the top NFTs:

  1. NFTs

  2. NFT Collections

  3. Mystery Boxes

  4. Creators

The four leaderboards include collections from other platforms, and we’ve also added new ‘volume change’ and ‘floor price change’ filters to this page to give users an even richer context. Moreover, we’ve raised the visibility of Top and Trending collections to provide a quick view into what’s making waves in the NFT community at any given moment. You can also click the [Follow] button on the Creator leaderboard to keep updated on the latest talents in the space.

Enhanced data and analytics

With this platform update, we've optimized the NFT Collection page with new metrics: 

  • Floor Price

  • 24H Volume

  • Total items

  • Number of Owners

  • Switching price between BNB, BUSD, and ETH

What's more, users can get more insight into an NFT collection by looking at historical price data and charts. You can set the time frame to 7D, 15D, 30D, and All. We understand the importance of price and other NFT market metrics to our community, so keep your eyes peeled for more analytical tools soon.

Fast NFT transactions with Quick Buy

Want to check out faster? Click [Buy Now] to complete the transaction process on the spot, and you’ll have your NFT in your wallet before you know it. 

For more transparency, you’ll also see a detailed breakdown of any applicable fees and other relevant transaction details within the confirmation window: 

  • Royalty fees

  • Listing price

  • Gas fee

  • Total price 

  • Payment method 

  • Payment currency 

Real-time notifications

Since NFTs purchased from third-party platforms via Binance NFT and NFTs deposited onto Binance may take some time to arrive in your account, we’ve introduced real-time pop-up notifications. Thanks to these pop-ups, you can stay updated on the state of your latest third-party-platform NFT purchases and deposits regardless of which page of the Binance NFT website you’re on. Once you click on the pop-up message, you will be redirected to the corresponding record in your profile.

Keep track of third-party-platform transactions

Users can keep track of the NFTs they have purchased from other platforms on their [Profile] page under [History].

If the purchase record is an NFT bought from third-party platforms via Binance NFT, you’ll see the following message:

“This purchase is an on-chain transaction. The price indicated does not include the gas fee. Please wait patiently for the NFT to arrive in your account. The blockchain confirmation normally takes less than 10 minutes.”

Optimized Three-Step Deposit Process

You can now deposit your NFTs to Binance in three easy steps directly from your profile. Simply click [Deposit] to connect your wallet, and you’ll be able to select the NFTs from the collection you want to deposit. Click [Deposit Now], and you’re done! Learn how to Deposit NFTs on Binance.

Same Awesome Features on the Binance NFT Mini App 

Prefer using your phone over desktop? The Binance NFT Mini App will also be updated with the new features following our marketplace revamp. You can explore NFTs on the go using the mobile app, and never miss the chance to buy your dream NFT. 

We’re Just Getting Started 

With the latest additions to our platform, we aim to make navigating Binance NFT a lot easier, so you can enjoy a truly seamless experience while browsing, trading, and minting your NFTs. 

This, of course, is a continuous process, so stay tuned for more blockchain and marketplace integrations and feature updates as we expand the range of our offerings. We will continue to build a platform that is accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Got feedback you want to share with us? Let us know by filling out the Post-Revamp Community Feedback form. 

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