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How to use the Strategy Trading Landing Page

2022-06-16 04:01
Binance’s Strategy Trading Landing Page aggregates Grid Trading, TWAP, VP and other automated algorithmic trading features.
The new landing page provides users with a comprehensive display of Spot and Futures Grid Trading strategies along with their performance and popularity amongst users, while allowing traders to quickly replicate their parameters.

How to access the Strategy Trading Landing Page?

To access the Strategy Trading Landing Page go to Binance and click [Trade] - [Strategy Trading].

Navigation from Binance front page
The Strategy Trading Landing Page can also be accessed through Binance Futures’ trading interface by clicking [Strategy Trading] - [Overview]. Alternatively, the Strategy Trading Landing Page can be accessed directly here.
Navigation from the Binance Futures trading interface

What features does the Strategy Trading Landing Page provide?

Binance provides quick access to a range of automated trading strategies via the Strategy Trading Landing Page, which includes Spot Grid, Futures Grid, TWAP and VP algorithmic trading bots.

Long Term Yield Strategy

1. Spot Grid
Spot Grid Trading is a trading bot that automates the buying and selling on Spot trading. It is designed to place orders in the market at preset intervals within a configured price range. Binance Spot Grid Trading performs the best in volatile markets when prices fluctuate within a specific range.
To learn more about Spot Grid Trading, you can refer to the detailed FAQ
2. Futures Grid
Futures Grid Trading allows users to apply Grid Trading Strategies to Futures Contracts on Binance Futures, allowing them to increase their position sizes using leverage and maximize their potential profit.
To learn more about Futures Grid Trading, you can refer to the detailed FAQ

Smart Algorithmic Trading

1. TWAP Algo
The TWAP trading algorithm allows users to disperse a large order into smaller quantities and execute them at regular intervals automatically to minimize price impact.
To learn more about TWAP, you can refer to the detailed FAQ
2. VP Algo
The Volume Participation (VP) trading algorithm executes large orders with a specified urgency level. It aims to perform a trade at a pace that matches a portion of the real-time market volume by respecting the targeted volume participation level.
To learn more about VP Algo, you can refer to the detailed FAQ

How to visualize Grid Trading Strategies’ performances and popularity via the Strategy Pool section?

The Strategy Pool Section features the top Grid Trading Strategies on Binance for Spot and Futures, allowing users to replicate the corresponding parameters for their trading strategy.
Users can (1) use the filters to display a specific panel of Grid Trading Strategies, (2) display corresponding ROI, PnL or Popularity, and (3) replicate corresponding parameters to create a similar Grid Trading Strategy.

1. Use the filters to display a specific panel of Grid trading Strategies

  • Strategy Type - Select Spot Grid or Futures Grid
  • Markets - Select a given trading pair
  • Running Time - Choose between seven time intervals options
  • ROI - Choose specific ROI intervals
  • Zone - Specify symbol categories (e.g., CEX, DEX, Layer 1, Metaverse, NFT, etc.)

2. Display the corresponding ROI, PnL or Popularity

Users can visualize the corresponding ROI and PnL over the selected period for each featured Spot trading pairs and Futures contracts.
Copy Popularity highlights how often an order was copied across Spot Grid or Futures Grid on Binance.
In Futures Grid, Direction displays the current direction of the Grid Trading Strategy, which can be Long, Short or Neutral.

3. Replicate / Adjust Grid Trading Parameters on Spot Grid and Futures Grid

Select [Use Parameter] to display the order and its Shared Parameters.

Spot Grid Parameters Replication

Futures Grid Parameters Replication
Please note that parameters can be adjusted.
You can refer to the respective FAQs for more details about parameters adjustment in Spot Grid Trading and Futures Grid Trading.

How to visualize Trending Pairs and Volatility under the Trading Analytics View

Top 10 Trending Markets

The Trading Analytics tab displays the top 10 trending asset pairs by the number of strategies running.
You can quickly look at the symbols with the most Grid orders and start setting up a Grid Trading Strategy by clicking [Create].

Volatility Top 10

The Trading Analytics tab displays the top 10 trending asset pairs by volatility, which is a crucial indicator for users deploying Grid Trading Strategies.
The Volatility % calculation is based on the symbol's hourly closing prices over the past 30 days.