Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana recently discussed the platform’s latest endeavours to provide convenience to the community. For this, the company is minimizing the issues faced by consumers by taking new initiatives and making serious efforts to enhance the speed of the blockchain via Firedancer. The co-founder mentioned that keeping in view the convenience of using mobiles, Solana Mobile has developed Solana Mobile Stack to offer Web3 capability on mobile devices.

Solana Co-Founder Shares Platform’s Development Roadmap for 2023 including Firedancer

The conventional mobiles have a centralized setup while the Saga phone (which is compatible with android) targets making mobile more acquainted with the crypto space. Formerly in 2022, the platform witnessed several vulnerabilities that paved the way toward a network halt. Since that time, the network has been paying attention to network reliability. Several community projects such as Mango and Jito are in advance operating to offer additional reliability.

Apart from that, the network’s largest upgrade could be offered by Firedancer (known as an exclusive validator client constructed by Jump). The purpose of Firedancer is to permit the consumers to operate their validators while utilizing one of 2 distinctive software units with autonomous dependencies. It is a 2nd validator client and can process nearly six million transfers per second during a test environment.

Solana’s present speed of transaction processing is considerably bigger than the present average of the network (approximately 4,000). Solana plans to execute 600,000 transactions per second through its validator client, Firedancer. The platform would be the sole network of smart contracts – except Ethereum – to contain more than 1 autonomous validator client. In case a vulnerability affects a client, the platform will not stop working. This would increase the resiliency and reliability of Solana.

To enhance the programmability of Solana, the platform is considering launching Token-22 shortly. This is an exclusive token standard that will permit the latest applications’ development. This will be related to gathering royalties on transactions as well as ownership. For improvement in the performance, Solana is working on the network’s runtime optimizations.

The Network Intends Offering Automatic Audits to Assist Developers

While focusing on the aspect of security, the elevation in the validators’ number has already made Solana substantially censorship-resistant and secure. Nonetheless, it is additionally operating on automatic audits developed by Sec3 and OtterSec. This feature will let the developers detect usual mistakes in development and smart contracts. Eventually, they would be able to develop more robustly. In the meantime, Seed Vault of Solana Mobile Stack and several other products for consumers will offer convenience in self-custody.