Primavera Sound Experiences the NFT Future with Binance


Main takeaways

  • Primavera Sound attendees claimed over 12,000 Binance POAP NFTs.

  • Binance Pay enabled crypto payments at every Primavera Sound bar in Barcelona and Porto.

  • You can still claim your NFT with the Primavera Sound ticketing up until June 30, 2022.

The party never stops with Primavera Sound and Binance. After two weekends of crypto payments and NFT distributions, it’s time for a debrief. We dished out prizes, drinks, and POAPs, but there are still more benefits for certain NFT holders to claim.

Over 5000 of Primavera Sound attendees in Barcelona and Porto finally got a chance to experience NFTs firsthand with Binance. From June 2 to 12, 2022, it was hard to miss our prominent stage in Barcelona and 100+ m² Binance Houses in both locations. In total, we distributed over 35 BNB in prizes and served over 5000 drinks to thirsty POAP NFT holders. When it comes to festivals, we know what people want!

Making Crypto Payments a Breeze with Binance Pay

It’s official. Primavera Sound is the biggest mainstream music festival ever to accept crypto payments. That BTC sat in your wallet has more use cases than just gathering dust! 75 Point-of-Sale terminals across the festival allowed users to pay with crypto at every bar, swag store, and VIP zone across both locations.

With an average transaction amount of 13 EUR, it goes to show that crypto is an excellent solution for everyday payments. Of course, none of this would have been possible without Binance Pay and our long-term partner GoCrypto.

Spreading the NFT Love with Primavera Sound POAPs

Over 12,000 Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFTs were claimed across both weekends showing demand for the innovative technology. POAP holders could also play our Binance Vault game, and five players took home our rare NFTs. This special collection granted access to the festival's backstage area, Motel Primavera, truly providing the festival experience of a lifetime. 

NFT holders can also sell their POAPs on Binance NFT and secondary markets if they wish, with over 30 already sold.

There’s still time to claim your NFT if you haven’t already

There’s no need to worry if you haven’t claimed your NFT yet. Attendees can still access the claiming feature in the Primavera Sound ticket access app until June 30. If you didn’t know, every NFT holder is also eligible for a free crypto course worth €99 from Binance and Founderz

There’s more to an NFT than you imagine

Our NFTs aren’t just collectibles; they provide real benefits too. Primavera Sound attendees of both 2021 and 2022 can claim either a Primavera Sound Member NFT or NOS Primavera Sound Member NFT. Both will provide the holder with a free, full Primavera Sound 2023 ticket.

So, in addition to all the fun, we’re glad to have demonstrated that NFTs are so much more than just a fad. The technology is here, accessible and easier to use than many thought.

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