How To Customize Your Crypto Portfolio With Auto-Invest’s Portfolio Plan


Main Takeaways:

  • Auto-Invest is a Binance Earn product that allows users to put their idle assets to work through purchasing crypto via a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy.

  • Now, the latest update to Auto-Invest, the Portfolio Plan feature, allows anyone to customize their multi-crypto plan easily. 

  • Users simply choose the crypto to buy, set the allocation for each crypto and start the recurring cycle plan, allowing them to diversify easily.

  • Find out how you can build your own crypto portfolio with Auto-Invest’s Portfolio Plan feature here.

Auto-Invest’s Portfolio Plan lets you customize your multi-crypto portfolio and automates recurring purchases. Diversify and build your Portfolio Plan today.

You might have heard about Binance Earn’s Auto-Invest, a powerful product that lets anyone automate crypto accumulation and grow passive income as an added bonus. We are pleased to announce that we are taking Auto-Invest to the next level with an amazing new feature. Introducing the Portfolio Plan, a feature that allows users to build a multi-crypto portfolio from scratch. The feature relies on the same automation mechanics to let users diversify while steadily accumulating and growing assets over time.

Portfolio Plans require little to no daily effort to maintain, making them suitable for busy people who are thinking about adding a new passive income stream. If we’ve piqued your interest, you can find out how to start growing your passive investment portfolio here.

What is Auto-Invest’s Portfolio Plan?

The Portfolio plan is a new feature launching in Auto-Invest. Thanks to the convenience offered, allowing anyone to buy and manage multiple cryptocurrencies in one portfolio, the feature is arguably one of the easiest ways you can buy at least two types of cryptocurrencies over time. Users who are curious to see if Portfolio Plan is the right feature for them should understand what Auto-Invest is first.


Launched in 2021, Auto-Invest was designed to help users easily use a Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy to build and grow their portfolio with stablecoins on autopilot. Using the Auto-Invest product, users simply create a plan and let the plan run for as long as they wish to. Additionally, Auto-Invest automatically enrolls purchased crypto to Flexible Savings and BNB to BNB Vault, Binance Earn products that let crypto holders generate additional APY rewards on their idle assets. Now, Auto-Invest has received an upgrade, allowing users to buy all their favorite crypto with the latest feature, Portfolio Plan.

Portfolio Plan

The main difference between the current Auto-Invest plan and the new Portfolio Plan is the number of tokens you can choose to purchase on a recurring basis. Unlike Auto-Invest’s current plans, Portfolio Plan offers users the ability to easily diversify thanks to the multiple coin setup. Whether you’re interested in building your first multi-crypto portfolio, planning to reduce risk via portfolio diversification or wish to generate some passive income, you can choose to personalize your own Portfolio Plan to meet those needs. Thanks to the flexibility offered, users can pick from two to ten coins per plan, and determine each cryptocurrencies’ percentage allocations. Look forward to these other features and benefits listed below.

Key Features and Benefits of Auto-Invest’s Portfolio Plan

Get Creative

There is no maximum number of Portfolio Plans you can create. Customize as many dedicated Portfolio Plans as you like, with a maximum of 10 coins for each Portfolio Plan.


From how often you want to DCA, to the type of crypto and percentage allocation, you get to choose how your final Portfolio Plan will look like.

Put Your Idle Assets to Work

Crypto that you buy is automatically enrolled in Flexible Savings, except for BNB which will be enrolled to BNB Vault.

Lower Risk

Flexible Savings and BNB Vault are low-risk alternatives to trading cryptocurrencies without a Principal Guarantee.

Easy Portfolio Management

Just like any other Auto-Invest plan, you can monitor and manage your Portfolio Plans on a single page, right from your Binance app. Access Profit and Loss details on your Portfolio Plan at your fingertips, pause or delete a Portfolio Plan at any point in time. 

Is a Portfolio Plan Right for Me?

Because Portfolio Plans are so customizable, they are potentially appealing to a wide range of users. If you fall into one of these categories, you may consider setting up your own Portfolio Plan.

New to crypto

New users can create their first multi-asset Portfolio Plan easily just by simply funding their accounts with stablecoins. Because Portfolio Plans use a DCA strategy, users who are new to crypto and the volatile crypto market do not have to time the market, a skill that even experienced traders may find hard to master.

Exploring crypto

If you’re getting the hang of crypto trading and investing, and are planning to expand your holdings, you can choose to venture beyond BTC and accumulate altcoins with a Portfolio Plan.

Crypto pros

Planning to diversify to hedge? Build a Portfolio Plan that can fit your personal risk profile, or create dedicated Portfolio Plans designed to fit the current trends in the market. Stay tuned for new coins that will be added on a weekly basis!

How to Customize Multi-Crypto Portfolio With Portfolio Plan

Step 1: Fund your wallet

Like any other Auto-Invest plan, Portfolio Plans use stablecoin funds from your wallet to purchase crypto for you. Make sure that you have USDT or BUSD stablecoins in your Spot and/or Flexible Savings balance before you create a Portfolio Plan. If you’re completely new to crypto, you can start buying BUSD with cash here.  

Step 2: Create a plan

  1. Log into your Binance account on the Binance app and click ‘Auto-Invest’.

  2. Click ‘Create a plan’, located next to the Portfolio Auto-Invest banner.

  3. Click ‘Add Coins’ and pick the crypto you want to include.

  4. Allocate a percentage to each of the crypto selected. Make sure that the total percentage is 100.

  5. Enter your subscription amount, preferred stablecoin (USDT or BUSD) and recurring cycle.

  6. Check through your customized plan, read and agree to the Binance Auto-Invest Agreement and click ‘Confirm’.

Step 3: Set and Forget, or Monitor

Depending on your trading lifestyle, you may choose to set your Portfolio plan and forget, letting it run on its own to steadily grow your portfolio, or monitor it periodically. The former is self-explanatory, but if you want to monitor your Portfolio, you can easily do so via a single page. The overview page shows all the Portfolio Plans that you have created and allows you to check all your unrealized gains and losses, ROI percentage and next purchase date for efficient portfolio management. You can choose to pause a chosen Portfolio Plan or rebalance your crypto portfolio according to market conditions to optimize your strategy as well.

Step 4: Withdraw your crypto

Crypto that you purchase via your Portfolio Plan is automatically enrolled in Flexible Savings (or BNB Vault if you have BNB), ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of the product, including withdrawing your crypto instantly whenever you wish to. 

Build-A-Portfolio, Customize Your First Portfolio Plan Today

Whether you are looking to diversify, put your idle assets to work or DCA to reduce short-term market volatility impact, Auto-Invest’s Portfolio Plan feature can help you grow your assets steadily.

For more information on how to use Portfolio Plan, Auto-Invest and other Binance Earn products, visit the following FAQs and guides: 

The article was edited on July 27, 2022.