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Binance Earn
About Binance Earn
2020-11-04 12:02
Binance Earn

What is Binance Earn?

Binance Earn offers a suite of products available to use with your crypto holdings. It's a one-stop service for all you HODLers out there. Let’s take a quick tour!
Flexible Savings, Launchpool, BNB Vault, and more opportunities are all available on the platform. Binance regularly launches high-quality products for Binance Earn, so make sure to check back in the future.

1. Flexible Terms

1.1 Flexible Savings
With Flexible Savings, you can deposit your crypto and gain daily interest from your dormant funds. It's similar to a bank's demand deposit, and you can always redeem your assets when you need to use them for another purpose.
1.2. Launchpool: Stake Your Assets to Farm Newly Launched Tokens
When users stake their crypto assets in DeFi projects, such as by providing liquidity to a liquidity pool, they will get rewards. By reinvesting these rewards, users can start a process known as Yield Farming.
Binance’s Launchpool is the perfect option for users to farm new assets. You can acquire new token rewards in return for staking BNB, BUSD, and other crypto assets. You can withdraw your deposited assets at any time, and rewards are updated every hour.
1.3 BNB Vault
The BNB Vault provides one-click earnings for your BNB holdings. The vault is a capital-guaranteed investment product to help users maximize the income potential of their BNB.
By investing in the vault, you can easily integrate both centralized and decentralized finance products from Binance in just one easy step. BNB HODLers now can maximize yields and receive benefits from multiple opportunities available in the Binance ecosystem.

2. Fixed Terms

2.1 Fixed Savings
Unlike Flexible savings, Binance Fixed Savings require you to deposit assets for a fixed period regularly. In return, the product provides higher returns than Flexible savings. Please note that if you withdraw your funds in advance, you will also lose your interest gained.
2.2 Locked Staking
Users can gain rewards through Locked Staking by staking crypto assets on the blockchain. You can redeem these assets after your successful subscription, but note that your investment's redemption requires a certain unlocking period. This locking period differs based on the product chosen.
2.3 Activities
Activities are high-yield staking opportunities jointly organized by various project parties and Binance. Users are required to lock the corresponding assets into the platform to obtain higher returns. Subscriptions will be closed once they reach the maximum limit. Please follow Binance Announcement for details on new Activities.
2.4 ETH 2.0 Staking
Binance launched the “ETH 2.0 staking” service to provide everyone with an accessible Ethereum 2.0 staking. You can start in a few clicks with just 0.1 ETH, and Binance will cover all validator operating expenses and bear the risk of on-chain penalties. All on-chain staking rewards will be distributed to users.

3. High-Risk Products

3.1 DeFi Staking
DeFi (Decentralized Finance) provides users with decentralized financial services through smart contracts on a blockchain. Binance introduced DeFi staking to help proxy users participate in related decentralized projects. Users can now access the world of DeFi in an intuitive, simple, and straightforward manner.
There is no need to manage private keys, acquire resources, make trades, or perform other complicated tasks required for DeFi Staking participation. Earn the highest possible returns in the most simple and safe way.
The products above must be locked in for a fixed period. If you need to withdraw your assets in advance during the lock-in period, you may lose your corresponding rewards. Please read the product rules for more specific details.
3.2 Dual Investment
Dual Investment lets you deposit a single cryptocurrency and earn yield based on two assets. Users commit their crypto holdings, lock in a yield but will earn more if the value of their committed holdings increases. Dual Investment provides you with much more control over your risk.
When the product expires, the user may settle with one asset of the two options (such as BTC or BUSD). This financial product offers non-guaranteed floating earnings, allowing users to obtain the highest possible earnings while satisfying their digital asset risk management needs.
On the expiry date, the final settlement currency is determined based on the comparison between the settlement price and the strike price to ensure one of the two assets and obtain benefits. However, please note that your order cannot be redeemed in advance once the subscription is successful.
3.3 Binance Liquid Swap
Binance Liquid Swap embraces the principles of Liquidity Pools. It combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized financial services, allowing users to obtain high annual returns by providing liquidity to liquidity pools on the Binance platform.
Users can also swap their corresponding cryptocurrency in the liquidity pool and enjoy the benefits of low slippage and low handling fees. You can remove assets at any time, but you will need to pay a handling fee if you swap only a single asset in the pool.
From the Binance homepage, hover over [Finance] and then click [Binance Earn] to explore in further detail all the products on offer. Get started on Binance Earn today and earn crypto while you sleep!