Is Binance The Right Place For You? Reasons Not to Join Binance


Main Takeaways: 

  • Binance is a high-performance, results-driven organization.

  • This is possible only because of our unique culture.

  • But it isn’t for everyone - it takes a certain kind of mindset to thrive here.

Learn more about how we operate at Binance and what you need to be comfortable with when working in an organization like ours.

Binance is a highly impactful, nimble startup - with over 8000 employees from 100 different nationalities obsessively focused on delivering for our users. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our work seriously. Yes, we know it’s a bit grandiose, but it’s true, we’re trying to increase the freedom of money around the world. We can’t really help the fact that we are at the bleeding edge of a chaotic and transformational moment in technological and financial history. It just is what it is. 

How Do We Accomplish This?

Our unique culture makes this possible. We work collaboratively while giving the freedom to each team to make decisions quickly. What makes us truly unique, perhaps even strange compared to other companies, is that we’ve defined being “Hardcore” as a key core value. We aren’t trying to be overly dramatic; we just like to get tough things done without fuss. 

But This Isn’t for Everyone

The truth is, Binance might not be the ideal fit for you if you’re not comfortable with:

  • Adaptability: We once heard that the difference between those who disappear from existence, those who merely survive, and those who thrive is related to their ability to adapt. Yes, we’re students of evolution. To excel at Binance, we need to be able to adapt swiftly to internal changes and a challenging external environment. This also means being able to thrive in chaos - a Binancian’s day-to-day responsibilities are never going to be defined in a wholesome, corporate way - that’s why being comfortable with internal team rotations and with navigating ambiguity, while still always delivering our best for our users, must be a key employee characteristic. Someone looking for a 9 to 5 job with clear, defined, articulated tasks while staying in the same job for many years would be massively disappointed if they wore the shoes of a Binancian. No Darwin awards here. 

  • Efficient remote work: We're a remote-first and global organization. So, coordination with team members across time zones in this environment means being willing to step out of our comfort zones and being nimble and agile. Long days and weird working hours are normal. On the bright side, you have the freedom to step away any time you’d like for that quick workout or much-needed nap.

  • Accountability: Being highly accountable at Binance means stepping up to own complex tasks, escalating tough issues, coordinating decision-making across the enterprise, and always being open to feedback, even if it’s a bit of a gut punch to the ego. To some, our endless chase for accountability might seem like a culture of blame. But for Binancians who embody our culture, we thrive on accountability because it’s the only way we can continue to improve on behalf of our users.

  • Continuous learning: Have you seen the TedTalks about the difference between a fixed and growth mindset? Binance operates in a rapidly evolving industry, which requires our employees to stay informed about the latest developments and be open to acquiring new skills. Trust us when we tell you that only the strongest growth mindsets can survive here. 

  • Handling pressure: Given the fast-paced nature of our work and the high-stakes decisions that need to be made, Binance employees need to cope well under pressure. If you find high-pressure situations overwhelming or counterproductive, our work environment will not suit you.

  • A lack of rigid hierarchies: At Binance, we value flexibility, adaptability, and empowerment of individual team members. If you're used to relying on strict hierarchies for decision-making or prefer a top-down management style, you will find our collaborative and decentralized approach challenging. You’re expected to tell CZ, and all our senior leaders, when you disagree or if you have a piece of information they don’t have. How else can we possibly make the best decision for our users? Of course, once decided, we all move forward together as one. 

  • Uncertainty: As a company at the bleeding edge of technology and finance, Binance encourages calculated risk-taking to drive innovation. If you're risk-averse or uncomfortable with the uncertainty that comes with exploring uncharted territories, our culture is not a good fit for you. We’re trying to go where no one has gone before. 

  • Clear communications: While the intricacy of one's vernacular may be celebrated as a hallmark of intellectual prowess, it is often the clarity and brevity of one's communication that proves most vital in achieving successful conveyance of information. In other words, we like simple, concise, and open communications. If you struggle with articulating your thoughts or collaborating effectively in a virtual environment, you will find it challenging to thrive at Binance.

  • Taking initiative: Our "Hardcore" core value emphasizes passion, drive, and proactivity. Binance employees are expected to take the initiative to solve problems and seize opportunities. If you prefer to wait for instructions or are hesitant to take charge, our culture may not align with your work style.

This culture and unique way of working make Binance suitable for only some individuals. A lot of this unique style of working also comes through in CZ’s Principles - check it out here

The Bottom Line…

… is that we want to be open and honest about what life in Binance looks like. It’s no joke. It’s a #hardcore environment, and there’s never a dull moment. If you’re the kind of person who can thrive in a truly high-performance environment, where the drive for efficiency, prioritization, and unwavering focus on user experience is valued, then this could be the most rewarding job experience you could hope for. 

We admit it can be pretty relentless at times, but for those who are a good culture fit, it’s exhilarating and extraordinarily fun. It’s also deeply rewarding to be at the heart of meaningful systemic, global change in our financial system.

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