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How to Be Successful at Binance


Main Takeaways

  • Working at Binance can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.

  • Hear what some of our team members say about their secret to a successful Binance career.

  • See CZ’s Principles in action and find out if you have what it takes to succeed at Binance.

Learn what it takes to be successful in a fast-paced, highly motivated crypto environment like Binance.

Wondering what life at Binance is like? Take a look at our core values and advice from team members about their secret sauce to driving a successful career at Binance. 

Our CEO recently published CZ’s Principles, where he identifies winning traits for success in life and work. Here’s how we apply them and Binance’s four core values – User-Focused, Hardcore, Integrity, Collaboration, and Freedom – in our day-to-day work across business functions, locations, and job scopes.

In keeping with our organizational style of transparent feedback, we also share what qualities will not hold you in good stead at Binance.

Do: Prioritize Users

‘’My advice is simple: Listen to our users. Because Binance is so customer-focused, if you can ensure the work you are doing is directly addressing the users’ needs, you’ve won.’’ – Bye V, Product Team.

In his Principles blog, CZ dedicates several qualities to putting our users first, and for an excellent reason – we can only build the best product if we make them for the people using it. 

Binancians, as we affectionately call ourselves, are equipped with the knowledge and skills to stay attuned to user needs like security, better experience, and a wider range of products. After all, to quote CZ, “In dealing with users, always do the right thing, not the easiest thing.”

Do not: betray users’ trust

We should always act with the highest degree of integrity, ethics, compliance, and fairness. These principles should be applied across our decision-making processes to remain objective while prioritizing our users’ needs above all else. As CZ cautioned us, “Never cross ethical boundaries. It always comes back and bites you.”

Do: Be Self-Motivated

“Success at Binance means being hardcore and results-driven while finding areas of specialization to contribute to the greater company vision of increasing the freedom of money globally. ” – Taneesha G, Marketing.

The blockchain industry is constantly evolving, and we need a team that can quickly adapt and innovate to ensure the best products and services for our users. 

Binancians are self-motivated; staying result-driven and being highly committed is part of our DNA.

Do not: give up easily

In short, anyone that lacks initiative or gives up in the face of adversity may not be a good fit for the rapidly-shifting Web3 space. As CZ candidly puts it, “People are either motivated, or they are not. Only work with the self-motivated ones.”

Do: Put Team Success First

“I’m deeply passionate about the work I do, and seeing the positive impact of my work on the organization gives me a strong sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, achieving success boils down to having a strong work ethic while trusting that the company will recognize these efforts. On that front, Binance offers plenty of opportunities for effective collaboration.’’ – Sonia C., Finance Controller.

We’re big believers of the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Personal success is important, but Binance’s success should always come first to remain focused on our shared goals.

The essence of team success is working together to reach a common goal. While we are a remote and global organization, our work environment is designed to be highly collaborative in these ways:

  • Open communication: We bounce ideas off each other without the fear of judgment.

  • Accountability: We admit our mistakes and learn from them. We hold ourselves accountable for our own work to meet company expectations and goals.

  • Respect: We value other team members’ opinions when solving problems and making decisions. No one should bring someone else down while giving feedback.

  • Recognition: We celebrate each other's accomplishments and give credit where it’s due.

  • Availability: We make an effort to be available and contribute. We stay connected as one team across time zones.

Do not: be inflexible

Although Binance teams are highly collaborative, they often work from different locations, so it's important to consider the nuances that come with remote working.

At Binance, remote working is the norm. We value freedom and autonomy. However, remote working may be insufficient for those who might feel isolated without constant face-to-face interactions. We’ve also had to part ways with people who believe in the “office = work mode” ideology and who experienced a lack of motivation due to remote working.

Schedule-wise, we make compromises where necessary to cater to multiple time zones. As we are spread across the globe, this means that we do not have traditional 9 to 5 working hours. Instead, we adopt work-life flexibility where both work and personal priorities fit into our lives.

Do: Be Hungry 

“I deal with messy datasets and complex problems on a daily basis. To me, success is learning where and why a model could give the wrong predictions, and using that knowledge to optimize the model for Binance and our users.” – Cody T., Binance Accelerator Program.

If you’re not prepared to fail and learn, it might be harder to find success at Binance and the wider Web3 industry in general.

CZ himself prefers hiring hungry people who will grow into a role rather than those with a fixed mindset. “Don’t be married to your role” is a phrase he uses to remind us to embrace the startup culture, continue upskilling, and explore our potential. 

We have a Talent and Development team to provide us with internal and external training, and industry insights to help us stay on top of the curve. Binance also provides educational subsidies for books and skill-specific courses so anyone can independently explore topics of interest and develop a deeper understanding.

Our collaborative Binance culture is a gateway to learning from peers who are experts in their respective fields. Constructive feedback, cross-team projects, and problem-solving are ways to reach new heights, personally and as a team. 

Do not: be complacent

Those who are not fond of giving as well as receiving feedback may not be the best fit for a performance-driven company like Binance. Thanks to our transparent feedback culture, everyone is encouraged to provide direct constructive feedback to help us improve continually.

Do: Keep Experimenting

The thing I enjoy the most about Binance is the freedom you have to push through your ideas. As long as you can prove that the idea is worthwhile, you will get a chance to work on it and strive for the best possible results. Don’t have the right skill set or knowledge to move forward? No worries, there are a lot of people who can and are more than willing to help you out!” – Lucas F, Marketing.

Instead of priding ourselves on being experts in all things blockchain, we are aware that there’s always something we can do even better. Only with this growth mindset can we stay adaptable and relevant to the massive changes in the Web3 world. 

As a company in a fast-growing field, we are often presented with novel challenges. Problem-solving may not be a linear process, and we may make mistakes along the way. 

Being agile in the Web3 space is definitely a quality for success, but we take it one step further by seeking to leverage opportunities for growth and success.

Do not: hesitate

As CZ reminds us, “In order to grab the chance, we must all learn how to recognize an opportunity when we see it.” 

This is when being resourceful and thinking out of the box comes in. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we can introduce new solutions and bring innovative products to the blockchain space.

Being able to keep up with changes, experimenting with new ideas, and accepting failure are all part of our entrepreneurial process. We don’t always expect to have all the answers; in times of uncertainty, we establish a direction and define the details later. 

If you are uncomfortable with change, need a structured workplace, or cannot operate in ambiguity, then you may find it hard to succeed in Binance.

Join Our Team

Everyone at Binance is eager to shape our role in the company and build the future of Web3. While we are a diverse group bringing unique experiences and expertise to the table, we are ultimately all self-driven individuals eager to learn how we can build for our users.

Think you’ve got the Binancian DNA too? Apply for a role today: Binance Careers.

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