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What Exactly Is Binance’s Culture?


Main Takeaways

  • The Binance Culture is what enables more than 8000 employees from more than 100 nationalities to successfully build the future.

  • The elements of The Binance Culture are our vision, mission, and core values that inform our approach to everything we do.

  • If the pillars of our culture resonate with your own professional worldview, check out Binance’s careers page for openings relevant to your skills and experience.

Binance has been on a journey to increase the freedom of money for people around the world since 2017. Last year alone, we served 128 million registered users, helped educate over 26 million people through Binance Academy, and supported those in need in 54 countries with $24M in donations through Binance Charity. An unshakable focus on our users and communities, and a commitment to building a strong, transparent, trustworthy industry have made these milestones possible. 

The Binance Culture is the secret sauce that enables our employees to execute at this scale. And as we keep growing in this unique organization, it’s critical that we remain true to its tenets and core values. 

So what exactly is “The Binance Culture”? 

It is all about ensuring that the concerted efforts of over 8,000 Binance employees (and counting) representing over 100 nationalities are channeled most efficiently toward achieving the same goals. The best way to do this is by always being laser-focused and clear on what our purpose is. Here’s how we think about our culture: 

  • Our big vision to increase the freedom of money globally is our North Star. Stemming from it is the mission to provide core infrastructure services for organizing the world of digital assets and making it more accessible.

  • Our Core Values shape how exactly we approach our mission. The mindset with which every Binance employee comes to work is that of being user-focused, humble, collaborative, and free.

  • We have a number of rules and policies that every leader and employee must follow to ensure we’re keeping our values at heart and are guided by them in whatever we do. 

“We view crypto as a fundamental means to increase the freedom of money. As such, we work hard to promote the adoption of crypto. All of our products and services contribute to that goal, and being user-focused is our key driver.” - Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ)

A combination of these ingredients makes up the Binance Culture: our vision, mission, and core values and behaviors we expect every employee to live and breathe.

Interested in being part of this culture and helping shape the future? Check our careers page