Binance Charity for Ukrainians: Help Report


About Binance

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How Binance supported Ukraine

In the early days of the full-scale invasion, Binance Charity created a crowd-funding, Emergency Relief Fund to provide immediate support and safe haven to refugees away from conflict zones. This includes a $ 10 million Binance donation, which is one of the largest donations made by a private company to Ukraine. And Binance will continue to help. 

Since we announced our initiative Binance Charity has been working hard with major and local organizations on-the-ground such as UNHCR, UNICEF, Palianytsia and Truhoma, to figure out how to disseminate funds in the most impactful ways. This includes providing shelter, food, safe drinking water, medical supplies, cash assistance and psychological support to those who have been forced to take refuge. We’re also supporting  in-country efforts for those who have not been able to leave, and face an even greater threat of danger.  

About cooperation with the Ministry of Culture

The teams of Binance and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine at all levels cooperate and coordinate in various directions as effectively as possible. Key initiatives:

  • This month, Binance Charity and the Ministry of Education will announce plans to  strengthen cooperation in the field of education, helping those who lost their jobs due to the war.

  • Binance will continue to follow the sanctions policy and will strictly enforce it on the platform.

  • Binance will also work with the Ministry to integrate the Action application to identify Ukrainian cryptocurrency users.

Report on assistance to Ukrainians

$1,200,000 for 5,000 IDPs: the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, in cooperation with the Palianytsia Charitable Initiative and the Rotary Club Kyiv International Charitable Foundation, will provide financial assistance to the most vulnerable groups of migrants.

The Lviv region became the first in Ukraine to launch this support project from Binance Charity and partner NGOs.

The allowance is 75 BUSD (equivalent of 75 USD) per month, which will be accrued for three months, intended primarily for vulnerable groups among the IDPs. That is, priority in the provision of financial compensation is given to mothers and/or fathers of minor children and families with many children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

The peculiarity of this financial assistance is that it is accrued to the cryptocurrency. From there it can be transferred to a bank card. The Palianytsia charity initiative helps these people.

At the first stage of this initiative, we plan to reach 5,000 internally displaced Ukrainians. By the way, 2310 IDPs have already received donations. The money was received within a week from the date of registration.

Currently, IDPs can apply for help only offline in 2 cities of Ukraine: Lviv (Palianytsia) and Kyiv (Rotary Club Kyiv International).

Email for more information to Palianytsia:

Rotary Club Kyiv International only accepts in person applications.  For more information please contact:

About Binance Refugee Crypto Card

In this blog, we talked about how to order and use a Binance card, and provided important tips. With the Binance Refugee Card, every Ukrainian currently in the EEA can convert and spend cryptocurrency in more than 60 million online payment stores.

It should be noted that refugees who apply to local non-profit organizations and apply for a cryptocurrency card Binance Refugee Card, will receive 75 BUSD per month (225 BUSD for three months) according to the recommended level of donations from UNHCR, UNICEF. During the first month of the program, 4,025 Ukrainians abroad applied for and were approved, and 1,713 refugees have already received financial assistance. In total, we plan to pay 5,000 refugees from Ukraine.

Please read the FAQ on receiving charitable assistance for refugees via the link.