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A Step-by-Step Guide of The Binance Refugee Crypto Card for Ukrainians


In this blog, we will show you how to order a Binance Card and provide important tips on how to use it. With the Binance Refugee Crypto Card, every Ukrainian currently in the EEA countries can convert and spend cryptocurrencies in over 60 million online and physical stores. Refugees who apply to local non-profit organizations and apply for a Binance Refugee Crypto Card will receive 75 BUSD per month (a total of 225 BUSD for three months) according to the recommended level of donations from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

1. Register a Binance account and complete Identity Verification

Please register a Binance account (you may refer to this tutorial video) and complete Identity Verification (KYC) with your Ukrainian passport. Make sure that your country of residence is consistent with your passport, and that it indicates your Ukrainian legal address under the place of registration. 

2. How to order a Binance Refugee Crypto Card?

2.1 Before ordering a card, make sure you’ve added a phone number from an EEA country to your Binance account. You can do this by going to [Security]. Please note that, for security reasons, withdrawals, P2P selling, and payment services will be disabled for 24 hours after you change the phone number.

If you’ve linked a Ukrainian phone number to your Binance account before, please replace it with a phone number from an EEA country in [Security].

2.2 To order a Binance Refugee Crypto Card, hover over [Finance] and click [Binance Visa Card] from the top navigation bar. 

In case if you see this pop up message during the order of Binance Refugee Crypto Card please provide your legal name in Latin (English) characters according to your official passport or ID document.

Please put your first and last name in the form, middle name is not required.

Please apply for the Binance Refugee Crypto Card after 5 days since updating of your name.

2.3 Start by checking the initials on the card and click [Next].

2.4 Next, you will be asked to create a PIN number for the card. Please do not share your PIN with anyone for security reasons.

2.5 In the [Additional information] section, you need to indicate your current address from the list of EEA countries to which the physical card will be sent. This address should be different from the Ukrainian address you provided when registering and verifying your Binance account. Please make sure that you entered the correct address. It cannot be changed once confirmed. If you cannot receive your Binance Card within 45 days after ordering, it may have been lost in the delivery process. Please use your virtual Binance Card instead.

2.6 Check your details carefully and edit if necessary. Please read the policy and Terms of Use, then click [Confirm] to complete the order.

2.7 Congratulations! You have successfully ordered a Binance Card. You should receive the Card it within 45 days after ordering. You can start using your virtual Binance Card now.

3. How to use the Binance Card?

3.1 To top up your card, you need to transfer your assets from the Spot Wallet to the Funding Wallet. Click [Top up] on Card Dashboard and enter the amount to transfer. The funds will be credited to your account instantly. For more information, check out our guide on how to top up or recharge my Binance Card via the Funding Wallet.

3.2 To view your card details, such as the card number, CVV code, and the expiry date, click [Show details] and enter your 2FA code.

To temporarily freeze your card, click the [Freeze] and [Unfreeze] buttons.

3.4 To adjust the sequence of spending currencies, click on the edit icon under [Payment priority] and drag and move the cryptocurrency names to reorder. Please note that this function only works when the [Hide small balances] box is unchecked.

4. How to make payments with Binance Card?

4.1 Visit any website that supports paying with cards. After adding your items to the shopping cart, fill in your contact information and address, and select [Payment by card]. Go back to the Binance Card Dashboard and copy your Card details to the fields on the store's website.

It will process the payment as a regular bank card. Please wait for it to confirm.

When you receive the physical Binance Card, you can also use it to pay for any goods and services in offline stores that accept the network associated with your Card.

For more details, check out our guide on how to make payments with Binance Card.

5. Frequently asked questions on Binance Refugee Crypto Card

5.1 When will I receive the physical Binance Card?

Your virtual Binance Card will be issued immediately upon successful order. This means that you have completed the Identity Verification and card ordering process correctly. We work hard to deliver your physical Binance Card as soon as possible. Please wait patiently for it to be delivered, there might be a delay due to high demands. It usually takes about 2 weeks to 8 weeks for the card to be delivered, depending on your country of residence.

In the meantime, you can add your virtual Binance Card to your Google Pay and Samsung Pay Wallet to pay anywhere they are accepted.

5.2 What should I do if I can’t receive my card after placing the order?

If the status of your Binance Card shows that the card has been shipped, but you haven’t received it within 45 days after ordering, it may have been lost in the delivery process. Currently, we do not support reshipping of the Card. Please use your virtual Binance Card instead.

5.3 How much does it cost for a Binance Card?

Order and using the Binance Card are free. If you’re a refugee, you need to use an existing account registered in Ukraine or register a new Binance account using a Ukrainian address, even if you currently reside in an EEA country.

5.4 In which countries can I order a Binance Refugee Crypto Card?

The Binance Refugee Crypto Card is available to Ukrainian Binance users, who are temporary living in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Ireland Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

5.5 What are the fees and limits for using a Binance Card?

You may check the Binance Card fees and limits article for more details.

5.6 How does the Binance Card cashback work?

Binance Card offers a cashback of 0.1% to 8% for every purchase you make with the card*. The cashback percentage depends on your card level, based on the amount of BNB holdings in your Binance wallets. Cashback is calculated daily for each settled** purchase from the previous date. Binance will continue to add new benefits to this program.

*Cashback is paid daily in BNB to your Funding Wallet. The Binance Card cashback program only applies to eligible purchases made with your Binance Card. The list of qualified merchants and conditions is subject to change by Binance’s sole discretion.

**"Settled" purchase or transaction means that the funds of this purchase have arrived in the bank account of the seller, e.g. your grocery store. The process of settlement is performed by the payment network and may take up to 30 days.

5.7 How to check my Binance Card details in the Binance App?

Visit this guide for more information on viewing your virtual Binance Card details. Please note that once you activate the physical Binance Card, you can only check your card details on the Card.

5.8 How safe is it to use a Binance Card?

The Binance Card is very secure. Most importantly, never share your CVV code or card details with anyone. Check out the Binance Card security tips to see how to protect your card.

5.9 How to link a Binance Card to Google Pay/Samsung Pay?

Please refer to the instructions on adding your virtual card to Google Pay/Samsung Pay.

5.10 When will I receive the US$75 in my Binance Card? 

Refugees who are verified by local non-profit organizations and applied for the Binance Refugee Crypto Cards will receive 75 BUSD, equivalent value to US$75 per month for three months. The BUSD cryptocurrency will automatically be converted to local currency during the card payment. 

For more details, please refer to FAQ for Binance Refugee Crypto Card.

5.11 Got more questions about the Binance card?

Check out our FAQs or contact the 24/7 Binance Support.

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