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Derivatives Portal User Guide

Derivatives Portal User Guide

2022-02-25 04:09
Binance Futures has launched a dedicated Derivatives Portal for VIP users. It lets you explore VIP-exclusive premium services for trading derivatives, such as adjusting Futures Order/IP limits and USDⓈ-Margined Multi-Assets Mode Transfer-in limit.
VIP users can now visit the Derivatives Portal to explore our premium services.

What is Derivatives Portal Premium Service?

1. Futures Order/IP Limit Adjustments
Binance Futures offers customized orders and IP limits for VIP users. By default, the number of orders placed within 10 seconds per account cannot exceed 300. However, you can request to adjust the limits based on eligibility. Please refer to What is a Futures Order/IP Limit and How to Adjust It for more details.
2. Multi-Assets Mode Transfer-in Limit Adjustment
The Multi-Assets Mode maximizes your Binance Futures trading capital efficiency by increasing the Transfer-in Limit Adjustment of the USDⓈ-Margined Multi-asset Mode.
Check out How to Adjust USDⓈ-M Multi-Assets Mode and Transfer-in Limits for more details about the Multi-Assets Mode and how to request a limit adjustment manually.
3. Futures Low-Latency API & Stream Services
Binance Futures offers low-latency connectivity services (API & Websocket Stream) to eligible high-frequency trading users enrolled in the Futures liquidity provider program. This allows for the lowest latency possible of 5 milliseconds for all current and upcoming products traded on Binance Futures. Please refer to What are Binance Futures Low-Latency API Services for more details.