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What is a Futures Order/IP Limit

2022-02-25 04:02
Binance Futures offers IP limit and Order rate limit adjustments for VIP users. You may visit Derivatives Portal for more details about how to request Futures Order/IP Limit Adjustments manually.

How to request an adjustment for Futures order/IP limit?

1. Go to the Derivatives Portal, which is only available for VIP level 1 users and higher tiers.

Request a limit adjustment from the Derivatives Portal by clicking [Derivatives] - [Derivatives Portal] - [Premium Services] - [Futures].

2. Select your limit type

Click [Premium Services] - [Futures] - [Futures Order / IP Limit Adjustment] and select the [Type] of Limit order you want to adjust. You can request a limit adjustment for UM and CM orders as well as UM and CM IPs.

3. Select the Account / IP and the corresponding request amount

For UM and CM Order Limit Adjustment requests:
  • Select the [Type] of order limit (USDⓈ-Margined or COIN-Margined order)
  • Select the [Account] for which you want to request an adjusted order limit
  • Input your [Requested Amount] and click [Submit]
For UM and CM IP Limit Adjustment requests:
  • Select the [Type] of IP limit (USDⓈ-Margined or COIN-Margined IP)
  • Input your [Requested Amount]
  • Click [Add Ip Address] for which you want to request an adjusted limit and click [Submit]

4. Check status and keep track of your past requests

The Binance Futures team will process your requests within 2 working days.
You can track your past limit adjustment requests and check their status on the Request History tab, which can be accessed from[Derivatives Portal] - [Premium Services] - [Request History].