Binance Web3 Wallet




Your world of Web3.

Explore Web3 with ease

Trade your favorite tokens. Access multiple blockchains. Explore some of the best dApps. All without leaving your wallet.
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Bridge between the exchange and Web3
Why juggle multiple apps? Simply do it all in one! Transfer funds between exchange and wallet quickly and easily. Move across CeFi, DeFi, and Web3 in a single tap.
Swap tokens cross-chain at the best prices
Powered by Binance Bridge and other DEXs, trade thousands of tokens across various networks. Get the best prices thanks to deep liquidity and low slippage.
Grow your portfolio with one click
Put your idle crypto to work. Find the best opportunities to earn yield on your assets in seconds.

Putting you in control.Security at every stage.

Self-custody wallet
Funds in the wallet are exclusively held and managed by the user. You are in complete control over your crypto assets.
Powered by MPC
Advanced multi-party computation (MPC) technology creates three separately stored ‘key shares’. Enjoy unparalleled security without the need for a seed phrase.
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Built-in risk controls
Get alerts if a token or blockchain carries security risks, including wrong address protection or malicious contract detection.
Binance Web3 Wallet

Web3 is easier with Binance

What is Binance Web3 Wallet?
What are the benefits of using Binance Web3 Wallet?
How do I use my Binance Web3 Wallet to send and receive tokens?
Is Binance Web3 Wallet a self-custody wallet? Who has control over my funds?
Do I need to back up my Binance Web3 Wallet?
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