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What Is Binance Web3 Wallet and How Does It Work?

What Is Binance Web3 Wallet and How Does It Work?

2023-10-25 07:18
Binance Web3 Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet within the Binance app, designed to empower users in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). Serving as a digital gateway to blockchain-based applications (dApps), it offers users a secure and streamlined method to manage their cryptocurrencies, execute token swaps across multiple chains, earn yields, and interact with a variety of blockchain platforms.
1. Simple: Create a wallet in seconds using your Binance app without having to worry about seed phrases or private keys.
2. Convenient: With integration to Binance Bridge and other providers, Web3 Wallet fosters easy cross-blockchain token swaps at better prices. You can explore dApps and generate yield effortlessly with a single tap.
3. Secure: MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology governs every transaction and mitigates single points of failure to ensure that your assets are SAFU. Additional enhanced security features, such as wrong address protection and malicious contract detection, etc. will notify you if a token or blockchain carries a security risk at the time of the transaction.
4. Self-custody: Binance Web3 Wallet utilizes a sophisticated security mechanism that produces three independent key-shares, individually stored in locations including your personal cloud and device. To gain access to your Web3 Wallet, a minimum of two key-shares is required. This mechanism promises complete user control over their wallet.
5. 24/7 customer service: You can access our 24/7 customer support for a seamless user experience.
Download the Binance app and get started
To get started with Binance Web3 Wallet, you’ll need to download the Binance app. Simply log in to your Binance app and tap [Wallets]. Switch to the [Web3] tab at the top and tap [Create Wallet].
For more details on Binance Web3 Wallet, please visit:
Disclaimer: Binance Web3 Wallet is an optional product. It is your responsibility to determine if this product is suitable for you. Binance is not responsible for your access or use of third-party applications (including functionality embedded within the Binance Web3 Wallet) and shall have no liability whatsoever in connection with your use of such third-party applications, including, without limitation, any transactions you dispute. Please carefully review the Binance Web3 Wallet Terms of Use and always do your own research.