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Lead Trader Benefits in Binance Futures Copy Trading

Lead Trader Benefits in Binance Futures Copy Trading

2023-08-22 04:13
In Binance Futures copy trading, lead traders can receive:
  • up to 30% profit share from their copy traders
  • a 10% commission from their copy traders’ trading fees
Please note:
  • Weekly profit settlement cycle: 00:00:00 UTC on Mondays to 23:59:59 UTC on Sundays.
  • The system will settle weekly profits when there are no open positions in the copying portfolios. Trading fee commissions won’t be affected.
  • After settlement, profits will be automatically distributed to the lead trader’s Spot Wallet on Mondays.
  • Lead traders will receive a 10% weekly commission from their active copy portfolios on Mondays.
  • There is a cap on the weekly 10% trading fee commission. The system will take snapshots of each copy portfolio’s margin balance at 00:00 UTC on Mondays. The cap is calculated as: min[total trading fee * 10%, copy portfolio margin balance * 3% * 10%]
Additionally, lead traders will receive profits when:
  • a copy trader stops copying their portfolio
  • the lead trader closes their portfolio
  • a copy trader withdraws profits from the copy portfolio

How to calculate the profit to be settled

The amount of profit to be settled is calculated using the following formula:
Profit to be settled = max[total realized profit of the copy portfolio * profit share percentage - shared profit, 0]

How to calculate the profit share for a copy portfolio

The profit amount to be settled is based on the portfolio’s PNL. The system will calculate the total profits of all copy portfolios.
For example, if the investment amount for a copy portfolio is 1,000 USDT and the copy portfolio trades multiple times a week, the profit share percentage will be 10%.
PNL change
Total PNL
Total Profit Share
Shared Profit
Profit to Be Settled
Week 1
+ 200
+ 200
Week 2
- 150
+ 50
Week 3
+ 100
+ 150
Week 4
+ 150
+ 300
Please note:
  • PNL change refers to the net realized profit of the week.
  • Total PNL refers to the total realized profit of the copy portfolio.
  • The realized profit has deducted all fees.
  • Shared profit refers to profits that are already settled.
For Weeks 2 and 3, the total profit share amount is lower than the shared profit amount. Therefore, the profit to be settled is zero.

How to check benefits

Profit share benefit

From Binance Spot Wallet:
Go to the [Transaction History] page and click on [Transfer].
Select from [Copy Trading] to [Fiat and Spot]. There should be a profit-share description under the Notes section.
From Lead Trading Dashboard:
Go to [My Lead] - [Unrealized Profit Sharing] to check the details.

Weekly 10% commission benefit

Go to the [Transaction History] page and click on [Distribution]. There should be a description of the copy trading referral program under the Notes section.