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How to Verify Merkle Tree

How to Verify Merkle Tree

2022-11-25 12:14
The following tutorial aims to guide more advanced users to verify the Merkle Tree. This can ensure the Merkle root hash and your Merkle Leaf exists within the Merkle Tree generated based on your data.
1. Download the required software/tools:
a) Download and install the NodeJS LTS version from the official website.
b) Download and unzip the Merkle Tree verify package.
2. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Wallet] - [Overview] - [Audit]. Click [Download Merkle Tree] to retrieve your Merkle Leaf for verification. Then, place the data into the verify package directory.
3. Go to the terminal and find the “merkle-tree-verify” folder directory of the verify package.
4. Initiate the command “npm install”.
5. Initiate the command “node ./verify.js <location of the Merkle Tree data><space><your Merkle Leaf>”.*
For example, “node ./verify.js ./output_merkle_tree_small.txt 64b3993941c4989c”.
6. Verify the root hash from the Proof of Reserve on the Binance website. Please ensure you choose the correct audit report.
*Please note that this process could take more than 20 minutes to complete depending on the size of the Merkle Tree data and your PC/Mac resources.