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How to Access Mock Trading in Binance Futures

How to Access Mock Trading in Binance Futures

2022-01-17 10:14
You can access the Binance Futures’ Mock Trading to sharpen your trading skills at your own pace. This testnet environment is a simulation trading platform to practice trading live cryptocurrency markets in real-time without risking any capital.
To access Mock Trading, go to Binance Futures and click [Log In] or [Register Now] to create a new Binance Futures account.
Click [Profile] - [Mock Trading] located at the top-right corner of the Futures trading interface.
Click [Continue] to create a Binance Futures testnet account with the same credentials of your main account.
Your testnet account will have a risk-free starting balance of 3,000 USDT to let you experience all of the features that Binance Futures has to offer. You will be able to manage your virtual portfolio in a testnet environment and experiment with different risk levels by applying leverage and placing stop-loss as well as taking profit orders.
Feel free to click [Back to Live] when you are ready to put your trading skills to the test on Binance Futures.
You can also access the Binance Futures’ testnet environment via the Binance App by clicking [Futures] - [Menu] - [Mock Trading].
To add testnet funds to your Mock Trading account click [Faucet], select [Coin], and click [Add Assets]. You will be able to see your available testnet balance and experiment with different risk levels to sharpen your trading skills.
Please note that you have the ability to go [Back to Live] at any time.
Please, be aware that the candlestick chart and price may differ from the market value within the Mock Trading environment.