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Binance Futures Market Maker Program

2020-08-17 08:23
To further enhance the liquidity on Binance Futures and provide a better trading experience for all users, Binance launched the Binance Futures Market Maker Program. Qualified market makers can now receive higher maker fee rebates for selected trading pairs.
If your 30-day trading volumes exceed 1,000 BTC on Binance spot exchange or 3,000 BTC on Binance Futures and have quality market maker strategies, we would like to invite you to join the Program. We will also consider your application if you can provide valid proof of similar trading volumes on other exchanges.
  • Higher maker fee rebates than the regular fee structure for selected market-making pairs
  • Higher API limits
  • Low latency connectivity services
Weekly Market Making Performance Review
  • Binance Futures Market Maker Program covers both USDⓈ-Margined and COIN-Margined Futures pairs on the market-making list.
  • Qualified market makers will be able to receive higher maker fee rebates, which will be updated on a regular basis to reflect participants’ market-making performance.
  • We will provide daily and weekly reports detailing your results to help you analyze your performance.
The weekly performance review calculation will take into account the following factors:
  • Maker volumes
  • Bid/offer spread
  • Total order size
  • Order duration
  • Market making time
For more information and how to apply, please email mmprogram@binance.com and provide valid proof of market-making volumes (for example, your Binance account that shows your trading volume meets the application requirements, or screenshots of your volumes on another exchange), or speak with your Key Account Manager.