This year was full of surprises, but not all of them were good unfortunately. A lot of people made a fortune and others lost their life savings!

These facts were established with 2 major reasons - from the one side - people's amazing efforts to build and help the blockchain to grow with testing different platforms and web3 dapps and on the other hand those, who wanted to gain profits without doing anything - this second group of people were the SCAMED ones! And ofcourse there is a percentage of people, who are not well informed and prepared with knowledge to receive an AIRDROP - no matter real and legit or a scam one!


The Aptos blockchain made a good drop this year with approx 150-200 tokens per user on Petra wallet and made a lot of people happy. APT went up to 19.92$ per token, which is almost 4000$ per a single wallet !!! INSANE 😱

Ofcourse not everyone succeeded to sell it on ATH (all time high) but a fair price of 10$ is also amazing! 🤩

After the big Aptos hype the a TSUNAMI WAVE of scammers and fake airdrop campaigns started. For example "Connect to this platform and claim your APT token now..." or "You are eligible for an AIRDROP" , "join now and connect wallet" , "24 hours left to claim your free APT tokens" and so on and so on....


The Arbitrum blockchain was a very expected drop by many, who participated in the tasks. There were approximately 20 main tasks and holding one genesis NFT to be eligible for this Airdrop. The other main factors were volume on the blockchain - testnet and mainnet phrase. Swaps, liquid pairs...

The most common amount of distributed tokens ARB were 875, which considering the middle price between ATH and starting price was 3-5$. It is also approx 3500-4000$ per wallet, which is an amazing amount when you haven't invested anything or something like 5$ . 😎


Sui airdrop was expected to be huge by many people, but the team decided to cut off a big piece of the pizza and NOT GIVE it to the public as an AIRDROP. They uploaded a lot of tasks and countless dapps, wallets and quests and at the end 150 000 wallet addresses were whitelisted...then half of them took the chance to take the AIRDROP. SUI token was trading around 1.2 - 1.7$ and fell to 0.65$ approx. But free money are always good yes? 🙌 🥳

The recent SCAM after the launch of the token was made by a fake exchange, pretending to offer free airdrop for each user, connecting their wallets to the platform and investing as little as 1$. HUGE SCAM 🚨

Airdrop scams explained

Airdrop scams are a type of cryptocurrency scam that involves sending unsolicited tokens to people's wallets. The scammers then hope that the recipients will be curious about the tokens and will visit a malicious website in order to claim them. Once the victim visits the website, the scammers will steal their cryptocurrency.

Here are some common airdrop scams:

  • Fake airdrops. These are airdrops that are not actually from legitimate projects. The scammers create a fake website and social media accounts for the project, and then they send tokens to people's wallets. The victims are then tricked into visiting the fake website in order to claim the tokens. Once they do this, the scammers steal their cryptocurrency.

  • Phishing scams. These scams involve sending a message to the victim that appears to be from a legitimate project. The message will often say that the victim has been airdropped some tokens, and it will provide a link to a website where the victim can claim them. However, the website is actually a fake, and it will steal the victim's cryptocurrency if they enter their wallet information.

  • Token approval scams. These scams involve sending a token to the victim's wallet that gives the scammers permission to transfer other tokens out of the wallet. The victim is then tricked into approving the token, and the scammers then steal their cryptocurrency.

To protect yourself from airdrop scams, it is important to:

  • Do your research. Before participating in any airdrop, make sure to do your research and learn as much as you can about the project. This includes reading the project's whitepaper, checking the project's website and social media channels, and reading reviews from other users.

  • Only participate in airdrops from legitimate projects. There are many fake airdrops out there, so it is important to only participate in airdrops from projects that you trust. A good way to do this is to check if the airdrop is listed on a reputable airdrop aggregator website.

  • Never enter your wallet information on a website that you don't trust. If you receive a message that asks you to enter your wallet information in order to claim an airdrop, do not do it. This is a sure sign of a scam.

  • Be careful about approving tokens. If you receive a token that you don't recognize, do not approve it. Approving a token gives the sender permission to transfer other tokens out of your wallet. If you approve a token from a scammer, they could steal your cryptocurrency.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from airdrop scams.

Thank you for reading and your support by following me! I will always give the best out of me to present you the Airdrop sector information as best as possible! 🙏