What? A Token Launch Platform with Airdrops and Web3 Quests?

There are not so many good platforms for earning airdrops in the blockchain space. The biggest ones are Galxe, Layer3, Zealy, Intract...ect. But all of them work on one principal:

  • do social tasks

  • do onchain tasks

  • swap tokens

  • earn OATs,NFTs, points

But when it comes to earning big, the BIGGEST player comes in...Binance!

One of the major differences is the utility! Binance puts in action the BNB token! Scarce with huge utilities, gas token and now....staking for airdrops!

Not only you stake your BNB for early participation in new unlisted tokens on the platform, but "Megadrop" tool comes in action with another groundbreaking solution to boost your chances and tokens with SOCIAL TASKS via Binance web3 wallet. That's what I call mega utility and endless earning possibilities!

Risks? What risks? This is Binance and your funds are SAFU!

The key difference between Binance and other platforms for the staking token option is that the others have a staking period for example - 30 days and for these 30 days you cannot withdraw your locked funds. This is not the case with Binance platform - you can decide to withdraw your funds anytime and this can happen for 48-72h tops! In bad market conditions timing is crucial so this feature and option is important for the investors.

So enjoy the new benefits starting from next week!

Another important feature - when you lock your BNB in locked staking products in the platform it automatically works for both products - the new one - "Megadrop" and the Launchpool. So you won't miss a single $$$!

Thanks for reading, following and supporting me guys! 🙏

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