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Alhamdulillah , Just with the grace of Allah Almighty t.p of $70,300 has hitted. Alhamdulillah, moved exactly from $64,700 to $70,300. Next movement will be given soon 🙂. Just give your feedback and follow . I will give BTC update . #BullorBear #MU_Traders #BTCTo1Million .

Alhamdulillah ,

Just with the grace of Allah Almighty t.p of $70,300 has hitted.

Alhamdulillah, moved exactly from $64,700 to $70,300.

Next movement will be given soon 🙂.

Just give your feedback and follow . I will give BTC update .

#BullorBear #MU_Traders #BTCTo1Million .

Will BTC hit 75k?

Alhamdulillah ,

Our t.p achieved of 68k level from 64,700 to 68k. For details and proofs refer to below mentioned post or screenshots. Let discuss next move of BTC .

Currently we are in symmetrical triangle and get support from 64,700 area which have great liquidity. From that area we get bounced back to 68k. At that time price of BTC is 68,800. We will look for


1. $70,300

2. $72,600

We will focus on first t.p and if price not rejected from first t.p then we will get 2nd t.p and after that new update will be given. Why it is looking that price may rejected from $70,300 ? The reason is that we have declined resistance of symmetrical triangle at that point. Due to of that reason may we see decline in price after hitting first t.p.

If this resistance break with good volume that we will see more pump in price of #BTC、 . If volume not decrease then we can also see a new high of $75,000 before halving. But at that time just look for $70,300.

Theme of talk : BTC may touch $70,300.

Note: Complete 200 likes for next update of BTC .

Follow for more updates .

#BullorBear #BinanceLaunchpool #DYOR!! #MU_Traders
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