According to Foresight News, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has raised doubts about the notion of English being the 'Bitcoin (BTC) of languages' during a Warpcast. He acknowledged that English could be considered the 'BTC of languages' in certain aspects, primarily in terms of network effects. However, Buterin suggested that 'toki pona', a language with a small vocabulary that can fit on a poster, would be a better candidate for the 'BTC of languages' in terms of spirit and design philosophy. He noted that expressing complex ideas in 'toki pona' can be quite challenging.

Foresight News further explained that 'toki pona' is a constructed language that combines the characteristics of philosophical and artistic languages. It is known for its extremely small vocabulary and simplicity, making it easy to learn. 'Toki pona' was created by Canadian linguist and translator Sonia Lang for the purpose of simplifying thought and communication.