Homeunity is evolutionary. It's novel and groundbreaking. It's a decentralised real estate co-op, built on technologies known as blockchain. 

Overview of Homeunity

Homeunity intertwines different business setups. It uses blockchain for a shared organization. In Homeunity, you see real estate properties. They are present in the Homeunity system. Each one of them shares profits. And who gets these? The participants, of course, through something called smart contracts.

Let's put it simply. The platform runs on its unique blockchain. It does this to allow the creation of special, unalterable digital contracts. 

They're transparent and consistent throughout. The system is run on servers. The interesting part? They are run by the community. Doing this ensures a fully decentralized organization.

Furthermore, Homeunity does something beautiful. It fosters a sense of collaborative spirit. It's a model where profits are split fairly. The medium? Tokens, which are shared among partners. Homeunity aims for one thing. It intends to make investing in real estate easy and accessible.

Breaking Down the Homeunity Ecosystem

The Homeunity platform has many parts. And each part is an independent resource:

1. Real Estate Marketplace

Buy, sell, or swap real estate. What if the property is too expensive? Just buy a fraction, represented as NFTs. The marketplace gives worldwide access.

2. Property Management Center

This center allows short-term rentals. It's very useful for travelers. And it adds maintenance services as well.

3. Crowdinvesting Center

Investing doesn't have to be lonely anymore. This center allows collective investment in funds, projects, or even assets. The best part? Profits are shared, making access more democratic.

4. Crowdlending Center

Imagine pooling funds together to assist businesses. That's what this platform is about. Investors provide the funds while businesses give fixed returns.

5. Rentier Real Estate Depository

This is the place to store real estate assets. The depository even provides income from these assets. Owning real property is now simpler than ever.

6. Partner Loan Center

Tailored lending services for partners live here. It provides specific solutions on the platform.

Benefits of the Homeunity Blockchain

Homeunity uses blockchain. This is a strong technology. It provides many good things:

Stronger Safety

Blockchain gives good safety. It works in a way where everyone can view it, without a center. Do you understand the secret codes? They make the system safer. This lessens the danger.

Easier Modeling

Blockchain uses clever contracts. These are like agreements, but made by machines! It helps with things on the internet. This makes work smoother.

Better Traceability

Blockchain uses a shared notebook. Everyone can see this notebook. It shows clearly everything that happens. This makes things open and believable. It's great. 

Fractional Ownership Model

Homeunity splits big things into small pieces. This is for houses and land. It makes it easier to own.

Fair Control

The owners get fair rights. If you own more pieces, you get more rights. They can decide things. They also get some income.

Quick Trade

Share trading is quicker than house trading. That's because shares are smaller than houses. This is a great win!

Equal Chances

This way, it's fairer. People get to own a piece, even if they can't afford a whole house. This is good. More people can benefit from real estate. Real estate is houses and properties.

The world fractional real estate market will reach $8.92 billion by 2025. This means this will grow very big!

Voting System

Homeunity has a clear voting system:

Community Voting

Issues are put to a community vote. Votes are put on the blockchain. This is very fair.

Open Ratings

There is a public rating system. This gives people confidence in these experts. This is a good system!

Fairness and Believability

This gives fairness and increases trust. Trust from users is very important.