• Voxies is a free-to-play, 3D turn-based tactical RPG game on blockchain. The main gameplay of Voxies is similar to a traditional RPG and tactical game, but it is powered by blockchain technology and ownership is central to the core concepts of the game. As a team-based tactical game, players can control multiple characters in the game and each character can be represented by Voxies that are directly owned as NFTs, or provided by the game for free-to-play players.

  • VOXEL is Voxies' native utility token and has the following use cases:

    • In-game currency: VOXEL is the in-game currency that is accepted in the marketplace (purchase equipment, NFT items, and characters) and for in-game activities (PvP matches, crafting, etc.).

  • The game consists of the following major components working in conjunction:

    • In-game marketplace: Players can trade in-game items (e.g. Characters, Equipment, NFT items) at the marketplace.

    • Competitive matches: Users will be able to engage in 2 types of Player versus Player (PvP) matches to earn VOXEL rewards. One will be based on the characters owned by the players, and another category will be based on the same set of characters for both players.

    • Crafting: Players will be able to combine and fuse different elements of the games to enhance their items, which increases the effectiveness and rarity of their items.

    • Voxies NFTs: 9,999 Voxie NFTs have been sold on a bonding curve. The original genesis 10k Voxies will be able to produce the next generation of characters, with an in-game element called Stones.

  • As at December 6th 2021, the maximum and total supply of VOXEL is 300,000,000 and the circulating supply upon listing will be 59,650,000 (~19.88% of the total token supply.)

1. What is Voxies (VOXEL)?

  • Voxies is a free-to-play, 3D turn-based tactical RPG built on blockchain.

  • Players do not require any experience with cryptocurrencies to play the game and do not need to own Voxie NFTs to earn Voxel tokens through their in-game activities. Voxies will be able to have greater player adoption, as players do not require any capital to get started.

  • Voxies' in-game mechanics (marketplace, equipment crafting, and PvP battles) will be the primary demand driver for VOXEL tokens.

2. Existing products

The project has released a public demo of their game, Voxie Tactics. In the demo, players can try out various in-game mechanics such as party selection, equipment loadouts, and PvE battles. Various in-game items are represented as NFTs, which enables players to trade in-game items at the in-game marketplace, or on secondary NFT markets.

Overview of Merit Circle's DAO structure

Preparation of Character Equipment and Party Combination.

Source: Voxies Tactics Public Demo


In-game Footage of Roaming the Voxies World.

Source: Voxies Tactics Public Demo


Actual Gameplay for PvE Battles.

Source: Voxies Tactics Public Demo

3. Token sales and economics

3.1 Token sales data

Token Name


Token Type

ERC-20 on Polygon

Total Token Supply

300,000,000 VOXEL

Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation

30,000,000 VOXEL

Binance Launchpad Sale Price

0.200 USD / VOXEL

Binance Launchpad Amount to be Raised

6,000,000 USD

Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance

59,650,000 VOXEL (19.88%)

3.2 Token allocation

Token Name


Private Sale

3.00% of the total token supply

Binance Launchpad Sale

12.00% of the total token supply


50.00% of the total token supply


5.00% of the total token supply


2.00% of the total token supply


4.00% of the total token supply


24.00% of the total token supply

VOXEL token allocation

VOXEL token release schedule

4. Project team

Steven Ball
Over 15 years of game development experience for AAA studios like EA and Ubisoft.
Ryan Sterling
Previously worked in accounting for the past decade at large real estate and financial service companies.
Jake Melendy
Over a decade of experience in sales and marketing in the enterprise technology space at prestigious Fortune 100 companies like Oracle.

5. Roadmap, updates, and business development

5.1 Updated roadmap

Q4 2021:

  • First public release beta with PVP Arenas and exploration mode.

  • Launch in-game marketplace to enable trading & rental of in-game assets.

Q1 2022:

  • 2nd release of beta with major patch & feature enhancements like crafting and forging

Q2-Q3 2022:

  • Full game 1.0 release

Q4 2022:

  • Mobile version release

2023: The Sandbox LAND integration

5.2 Commercial partnerships and business development progress

  • Polygon (Matic): Voxies Tactics's in-game marketplace will run on the Polygon network.

6. Appendix

6.1 Advisors

  • Justin Taylor: Former Head of Social Media at Activision Blizzard. Current Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Twitter.

  • Bored Elon: A pseudonymous crypto influencer on Twitter with 1.7M followers.

  • Jeff Pabst: Chief Revenue Officer at Faze Clan a 30+ time esports champion

  • Shreyansh Singh:: Head of Gaming & NFT at Polygon (Matic)