• Sleepless AI is a Web3+AI companion gaming platform. Its goal is to bring unprecedented innovation to the gaming industry by utilizing AI and blockchain technology.

  • HIM  and HER are set to be the two inaugural games launched by Sleepless AI, aiming to provide an immersive companionship experience. 

  • $AI is the native utility token of Sleepless AI($AI) and is used for the following functions:

    • Top-up discount: $AI holders can have a top-up discount with in-game tokens.

    • In-game purchase: $AI can be exchanged for in-game tokens, which can be used to purchase clothes, accessories, upgrade cards, etc. 

    • Governance: $AI token holders can vote on gameplay governance decisions, including prioritizing in-game item upgrades (e.g upgrade accessories from SR to SSR), or to decide future Accessories/New Boyfriend Types.

    • Fee Accrual: users who stake $AI can accrue transaction fee income based on their governance weight.

    • In-game PK: used for users who stake $AI to vote for their own boyfriends/girlfriends to compete, with the winner receiving more rewards.

  • The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:

    • After users enter the world of HIM/HER, they will be assigned a non-tradable SBT, which will represent their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend.

    • Users can interact with their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend through a website or app, engaging in activities like conversing, changing outfits, and feeding him/her. He/she will become an integral part of your daily life, serving as a reminder of the weather, a daily alarm clock, and even accompanying you to sleep.

  • The project has raised 3.7MM USD from three rounds of private token sales, where 7.6% of the AI total token supply has been sold, and the latest valuation is $200M.

  • As at December 26th 2023, the total supply of AI is 1,000,000,000 and the circulating supply upon listing will be 130,000,000 (~13% of the total token supply.)

Key metrics (as at December 26th 2023)

Token Name


Token Type


Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance

130,000,000 AI (13% of total supply)

Total and Maximum Token Supply


Binance Launchpool Allocation

70,000,000 (7% of total supply)

Binance Launchpool Start Date

December 28th 2023

1. What is Sleepless AI?

  • Sleepless AI stands out as a pioneering game studio, skillfully merging AI and blockchain technology. This innovative approach enables them to offer a truly unique and immersive emotional gaming experience, tailored for a diverse range of gamers.

  • HIM and HER are the flagship release from the studio, marking a revolutionary step in gaming. It intricately weaves AI into the fabric of a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend's interactions with the player, encompassing nuanced dialogue, dynamic personality sculpting, and engaging interactivity. This innovative approach aims to provide players with an experience that closely mirrors authentic emotional companionship.

1.1 Project mission

  • In moments of solitude, individuals seek encouragement, companionship, and love. Real-life relationships, while meaningful, often come with their own set of limitations and disappointments. 

  • Addressing this, Sleepless AI is dedicated to crafting an AI virtual companion that not only comprehends the nuances of its users but also offers unwavering support. The project aims to deliver a liberating, joyous, and deeply personal love experience, custom-made for each individual user.

1.2 Project Key Highlights 

  • Authentic Emotional Communication Powered by AI: Sleepless AI committed to offer authentic emotional communication through AI dialogue, AI voice, and other experiences that simulate interactions with real humans.

  • Customized Experience: Users can tailor their experience by choosing a preferred partner with specific qualities, such as exceptional gentleness or incredible adorableness.

  • Gamified Entertainment: Users can engage in a gamified experience, dressing up their virtual partner, changing outfits, feeding them, participating in PvP battles, and earning rewards through card draws and mystery boxes.

  • High User Engagement: The game seamlessly integrates into users' daily lives, akin to checking the weather. Daily companionship features contribute to high user engagement, making it an essential part of their routine.

1.3 Existing Products

· Game (APP Entrance):

· Game (Website Entrance): 

· PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHfibpoIP54

·  current ranking of popularity:

2. Token sales and economics

Token Distribution

Token Name


Binance Launchpool

7.00%  of the total token supply

Initial Airdrop 

1.00%  of the total token supply


18.00%  of the total token supply


18.00%  of the total token supply

Short-term Growth Fund 

29.00%  of the total token supply

Long-term Treasury Fund

27.00% of the total token supply (non circulatable )

The tokens allocated to "Long-term Treasury Fund" cannot be spent or sold and they won't be in circulation. They can be used to participate in the ecosystem through methods like staking to share rewards and benefits from the project after they are vested, but they do not carry any governance rights. The rewards generated can be used for the long-term operation and sustainable growth of the project.

Token Allocation

Token release schedule

3. Roadmap & Updates 

Completed Milestones

Completion Date


2019: Q2

Web2 gaming studio established


Several successful Web2 games published globally


Started to research Web3 and gamefi industry: Hired our first blockchain software engineer

2022: Q2

Initiated the first gamefi project

2023: Q2

Closed investment by Foresight Ventures

2023: Q2

Shortlisted in the MVB program

2023: Q2

Launched HIM mini game

2023: Q2

Completed strategic round by Binance Labs


Launched HIM and HER


Closed financing round with Folius Ventures

Current Roadmap

  • 2023 Q4:

    • Launch of HIM & HER game

    • Global gaming distribution

    • HIM Genesis NFT I sell

  • 2024 Q1:

    • Launch of HIM 2.0

    • Introduction of new HER characters, modeled after popular KOLs

    • Offline anime-themed events in South Korea and Japan

    • HIM Series II NFT and HER Series I NFT sell

    • Collaborations with globally renowned IPs

    • Partnerships with global comic conventions

  • 2024 Q2:

    • Expanded character choices for HIM or HER, making it easier for players to find their ideal type

    • Global offline anime-themed events

    • Launch of HER 2.0

    • More new game titles to come featuring AI and blockchain technology

    • Anime-themed pop-up events at globally famous landmarks

    • Partnerships with comic conventions

4. Community

5. Appendix