• Open Campus Protocol is a community-led web3 education protocol that is looking to tokenize the world’s educational content by enabling teachers and creators to monetize the content that they created.

  • The mission is to ensure teachers’ contribution to the society is recognised and provide a global, alternative education system for learners worldwide.

  • TinyTap is the first adopter of the Open Campus Protocol, and it’s the Top 10 grossing kids mobile application on the App Store and Google Play with 9 million+ families, 100k+ content creators and have partnered with renowned brands including Sesame Street, Oxford University Press and many others.

  • TinyTap is one of the leaders in user-generated content for the US$5 trillion education market, and it is known for its no-code authoring platform that has produced over 250k interactive lessons to date.

  • EDU is the native utility token of the Open Campus Protocol (EDU) ecosystem and is used for the following functions:

    • Governance: EDU token holders can submit and vote on the protocol’s DAO proposals (e.g. directing the use of tokens allocated to the ecosystem).

    • Payment: EDU can be used as a means of payment for product and services offered by companies who adopted the protocol (e.g. TinyTap, where a % of proceeds will be distributed to the protocol).

    • On-chain revenue sharing: Contributors (including content creators, publishers, platforms) receive their share of the protocol’s revenue in EDU.

    • User acquisition: EDU can be used to incentivize and onboard web2 users to web3 as they receive a discount for accessing offerings provided by the protocol’s ecosystem partners (e.g. TinyTap).

    • Content ownership: Users can purchase co-publishing rights via the Publisher NFTs with EDU.

  • Open Campus Protocol is rolling out a scalable infrastructure to onboard a diverse ecosystem of adopters (schools, edtechs and other educational providers) to serve as a gateway to potentially bring billions of educators and learners worldwide to web3:

    • On-ramp: Tokens will be introduced to users of Open Campus adopters (e.g. TinyTap) via various means such as wallets, tokens as a means of payment, and discounts/incentives to drive adoption.

    • Publisher NFTs: Educational content can be tokenized into NFTs. Revenue generated from the content will be stored in a smart contract, co-owners will be able to withdraw based on their contribution (e.g. teachers for creating the content, publishers for marketing and localization).

    • Marketplace: The publisher NFTs issued by Open Campus adopters (e.g. TinyTap) can be bought and sold in EDU.

    • Smart Donations: Enables EDU grants and scholarships to be released based on measurable on-chain events.

  • The project has raised 6MM USD from one round of private token sale in 2022, at 6% of the EDU total token supply, with a FDV at ~100mm USD.

  • As at April 21st, 2023, the total supply of EDU is 1,000,000,000 and the circulating supply upon listing will be 145,000,000 (14.5% of the total token supply).

1. What is Open Campus (EDU) Protocol?

  • Open Campus utilizes a new protocol allowing communities to create, own, and promote content they want to see in the world and enables educators to earn revenue and gain recognition for their contributions.


  • Communities can utilize blockchain technology to fund, co-own and learn from educational content that fits their needs.

  • Creators launch their content on Open Campus by offering promotional rights through Publisher NFTs, where co-publishers can earn revenue based on their contributions.

  • Philanthropists can support educational causes directly and track their donation on-chain through Smart Donations.

2. Project Key Highlights - TinyTap

  • Top grossing mobile app: TinyTap is consistently ranked in the Top 10 Grossing Kids Application worldwide and is rapidly growing - the Q1 2022 revenue grew by 2x quarter-on-quarter.

  • Genesis auction: the 2 genesis publisher NFT auctions have raised 240Ξ across 12 NFTs. This is also the world’s first attempt to tokenize educational content and trade them as NFTs.

  • Ecosystem partners: Open Campus also onboarded partners including GEMS Education, one of the largest private school networks in the world with over 60 schools and 130k+ students across North Africa and the Middle East, and many others including but not limited to Animoca Brands, Sandbox, Hooked, and Highstreet.

3. Existing Products

TinyTap, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, was founded in 2012 and has the world’s largest educational games library. They have partnered with prominent brands and publishers including Sesame Street, Oxford University Press, and have continued to deliver high quality educational content to 9 million+ families across the world.

  • TinyTap Mobile App: Top 10 Grossing Kids Application worldwide with 250k+ games


  • No-code Game Creation Tool: Anyone is able to create content on the platform freely with minimal entry barrier and without writing code.


  • Measurable Activities: Any game created can be used to measure the outcome of students compared to any other student playing it.


  • Publisher NFTs: Teachers are able to sell the publisher rights to their content as NFTs


  • NFT Management Dashboard: Holders are able to view the Publisher NFTs that they bought and track the relevant metrics (e.g. revenue generated per course)

4. Token sales and economics

4.1 Token sales data

Token Name


Token Type


Total Token Supply

1,000,000,000 EDU

Strategic Sale Allocation

130,000,000 EDU

Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation

50,000,000 EDU

Binance Launchpad Sale Price

0.05 USD / EDU

Binance Launchpad Sale Date

April 28th 2023

Binance Launchpad Amount to be Raised

2,500,000 USD

Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance

145,000,000 EDU (14.5%)

4.2 Token allocation

Token Name


Strategic Sale

13.00% of the total token supply

Binance Launchpad Sale

5.00% of the total token supply


10.00% of the total token supply


15.50% of the total token supply

Operational Expenses

4.00% of the total token supply


10.00% of the total token supply


10.00% of the total token supply

Ecosystem Fund

25.00% of the total token supply

Early Contributors

7.50% of the total token supply

EDU token allocation

EDU token release schedule

5. Roadmap, updates, and business development

5.1 Completed Milestones

Completion Date



2022: Q4

Strategic fundraising round completed


2022: Q4

Launched genesis Publisher NFT auctions

2023: Q1

Launched the Open Campus Protocol

2023: Q2

UAW reaching 30k+, Top 5 on BNB chain

  • Link to current whitepaper

5.2 Updated roadmap

Q2 2023:

  • Launch of EDU DAO to enable governance by EDU token holders

  • Release an in app wallet for Protocol partners, for example, introducing a wallet screen on TinyTap mobile app and website where users can utilize EDU

  • On-chain revenue sharing between customers/students and creators/teachers

  • Accepting crypto for accessing the Protocol partners’ offerings

  • Leverage EDU (as credits) to onboard web 2 customers, as a trial model for potential customers who dropped out from the sales funnel

Q3 2023:

  • Expand to global markets (Japan, SEA, LatAm) by partnering with local education providers

  • Onboard partners to Open Campus Protocol by incorporating EDU in their current businesses and tokenizing their educational content with Publisher NFTs

  • Launch Publisher NFTs catered to mass population for Protocol partners including TinyTap (e.g. by tokenizing thousands of interactive games and courses as NFTs)

Q4 2023:

  • Incorporate self-service minting functions in protocol partner products to enable content creators to mint their content and for NFT buyers to purchase in the marketplace.

  • Pilot the 1st Community Crowdfunding project, enabling the Open Campus community to support the creation of a new curriculum by ‘pre-buying’ content

Q1 2024:

  • Launch Smart Donations, a tool to lock scholarships and grants (denominated in EDU) from philanthropists, and funding will only be released based on measurable events on-chain

  • Onboard partner companies, for example, charities and foundations to implement the protocol in order to participate in Smart Donations.

5.3 Commercial partnerships and business development progress

  • TinyTap: an early-childhood learning platform of teacher-made content that launched the revolutionary Publisher NFTs to give creators new ways to earn with their content.

  • Animoca Brands: pioneer for digital property rights in web3 and has been pushing web3 forward with their network of 400+ portfolio companies.

  • Sandbox: the largest metaverse in the world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences.

  • GEMS Education: largest school network in the MENA region with 130k+ students throughout 60+ schools.

  • Hooked: an immersive edutainment network to onramp the next billion users into Web3, aiming to fix the Web3 education dilemma through an open learning protocol.

  • Highstreet: leader in the commerce-centered metaverse that is aiming to bridge physical assets to Web3.

6. Overview of TinyTap Team

Yogev Shelly
Chief Executive Officer
Over 10 years of experience in EdTech, as Founder and CEO of Tiny Tap. Yogev has been working on Tiny Tap and EdTech since 2012. He is on a mission to provide fair value for educators' efforts and decentralize the learning experience by connecting learners and teachers from around the world.
Uri Lazar
Chief Technology Officer
Building websites prior to Y2K and has honed his skills as a software developer and engineer for over two decades.
Nissim Pinto
Chief Operating Officer
Spent 8 years at Playtech leading their product growth and launched multiple successful campaigns, and brings a wealth of product leadership experience.

7. Community

Open Campus:

Tiny Tap:

Animoca Brands: