• Zero-knowledge proofs have brought benefits to user privacy for multiple years already, and further evolution of the technology can help to foster a more secure operating environment in the future

  • At the end of the day, zkEVMs are only one way to scale Ethereum - they have tough competition with optimistic rollups since they had time to establish themselves already. That said, zk-rollups (especially combined with EVM compatibility) offer numerous upsides to the Ethereum mainnet

  • STARKs and SNARKs both have their benefits, and while we see a higher adoption rate of SNARKs in the foreseeable future, this might change, considering some of the technical benefits that STARKs bring

  • Entering the ongoing debate if it is the holy grail to be fully Ethereum equivalent, compatible, or highly specialized, we reject the narrative of some zk-rollups and key opinion leaders that the more compatible to Ethereum zk-rollups are, the better they are. Instead, we see a need and use cases for all ends of the spectrum

  • In the long term, we can envision highly EVM-compatible zk-rollups building the future of blockchains. At the same time, we expect to see more specialized zkVMs help develop the Web3 space as a whole, tackling unique problems with custom solutions

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