• Rollups are the most popular types of Ethereum Layer-2 (“L2”) scaling solutions and are the primary venue for activity occurring outside the Layer-1 (“L1”). There are two types of rollup solutions: optimistic and zero-knowledge (“zk”).

  • A number of major rollups have recently launched solutions that make it possible for developers to launch new rollups based on their technology. Examples include Arbitrum’s Orbit chains, Optimism’s OP Stack chains, and zkSync’s Hyperchains.

  • Rollup-as-a-service (“RaaS”) providers are the next step within the ecosystem. RaaS providers help users deploy and maintain their own rollups. To facilitate this, they provide a range of solutions and services, from rollup management to no-code deployment.

  • In general, developers can choose to deploy their dApp on an existing L1, deploy on a L2, create their own appchain, or launch a rollup. There are various advantages and considerations for each option. However, launching a rollup might provide the ideal balance between customization, performance, and effort, especially when considering the level of ease that RaaS solutions provide.

  • Conduit has been a notable early participant in the RaaS space, initially focusing on launching OP Stack rollups and recently announcing support for Arbitrum Orbit. Conduit has helped launch rollups such as Zora Network, Mode, Public Goods Network, and Ancient8 Chain.

  • Caldera is another major player focused on helping launch optimistic rollups. We also look at AltLayer and their innovative Flash Layers, which are disposable app-specific rollups that can be temporarily spun up to meet excess user demand.

  • Gelato, an existing Web3 infrastructure provider who recently announced their RaaS offering covering both zero-knowledge and optimistic rollups, is another noteworthy player. We also cover Lumoz, which focuses exclusively on zero-knowledge rollups and brings an interesting hybrid consensus mechanism to the table.


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