• While artificial intelligence (“AI”) has been the talk of the town only in recent months, the technology itself has been under development for decades.

  • Currently, there are a handful of AI use cases in crypto. We examine the existing ecosystem developments by sector in this report. It is crucial to note that we are still in the early stages of development, and more work needs to be done for widespread adoption, especially regarding the use of AI in crypto applications.

  • Within DeFi, we have seen AI being used to augment the smart contract audit process, facilitate trade automation, and be paired with predictive analytics for more accurate forecasts.

  • In the NFT space, AI has enabled generative art creation, allowed for intelligent and interactive NFTs, and provided tools to streamline the data analytics process.

  • DAOs have also integrated AI to improve manual DAO operations. Additionally, some early developments exist for using autonomous agents to act as delegates for token holders and using AI to power the central DAO smart contract.

  • Looking ahead, the intersection of AI and crypto has the potential to unlock a whole new world of possibilities. To provide some perspectives on these possibilities, we explore the views of thought leaders on the future of AI use cases in crypto.


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