Binance Gift Card. Your Crypto Business Solution.
Binance Gift Card is a prepaid crypto voucher that can be used for a variety of use cases, including crypto deposit and withdrawal on Binance, crypto transfer, and loyalty rewards.
Bulk Create
Set up API
Sell any crypto token via Binance Gift Card
Binance Gift Card supports 270+ cryptocurrencies.
Earn with every transaction.
Set your own price and earn on margins.
You just need stablecoins to get started
Offer gift cards containing supported tokens, pegged against stablecoins to minimise impact from market volatility.
Binance Gift Card Business Use Cases
Resell Gift Cards Online or Offline
Help users to buy crypto with their preferred payment method and make crypto deposits on Binance easily.
Facilitate Crypto Transfer
Facilitate crypto transfers internationally by redeeming customers' Binance Gift Cards for cash or other supported payment methods.
Loyalty Rewards / Disbursements
Distribute a crypto gift to staff, or have customers redeem points for crypto with Binance Gift Card
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Features for Binance Gift Card Merchants
Create Binance Gift Cards in batches with our Bulk Create function
Bulk Create
Connect to the Binance Gift Card API to instantly generate and redeem Gift Cards and check your balance
Gift Card API
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For more information, please visit our Binance Gift Card FAQ page or see the Gift Card Terms of Use.
How to become a Binance Gift Card partner and set up Binance Gift Card API
Binance Gift Cards business use cases include, reselling, providing it as a loyalty reward, facilitating international remittance, and crypto cash-out service. Click here for more information on how to become a Binance Gift Card partner and how to set up Binance Gift Card API.
How do I bulk create Binance Gift Cards?
After logging into your Binance account, head to the Binance Gift Card homepage and follow this step-by-step tutorial to create your first bulk order. After downloading the gift cards, you can send the redemption codes to both Binance and non-Binance users.
What is the difference between Bulk Create and Creating Binance Gift Cards via API?
Binance Gift Card API allows your business to instantly create, balance check, and redeem gift cards upon request. The Bulk Create function allows you to resell or distribute gift cards with an inventory system.
What currencies does Binance Gift Card support?
Binance Gift Card currently supports more than 270+ crypto tokens and many fiat currencies. Additionally, you can purchase a Binance Gift Card containing any token you choose, with just stablecoins in your wallet.
How do I create a BTC Gift Card using stablecoins?
Follow this tutorial to buy a BTC Gift Card using USDT, BUSD, or select fiat currencies. You can also create them via API.