How Binance P2P creates a safe trading environment with the lowest trading fees on the market


Why is P2P trading better than other alternatives? Peer to peer marketplaces are one of the best ways for you to buy and sell crypto. In this article, learn how Binance P2P creates a safe trading environment and how to level up your peer to peer trading adventure.  

Main takeaways

  • Binance P2P crypto exchange offers the best payment flexibility with the lowest fees on the market and with a escrow service protection 

  • Binance P2P, has improved the appeals process to ensure a quickest resolution

  • How to increase your earnings by joining the Binance P2P Merchant Program

  • All you need to know about Binance P2P fee scheme

Peer to peer trading is one of the best ways to buy and sell crypto. We created Binance P2P to give P2P traders a safe, convenient, and inexpensive option to buy and sell cryptocurrency. With access to a wide range of verified P2P ads from around the world, one of the best ways to trade is always waiting for you.

Safety, flexibility and ZERO fees when you buy and sell crypto

In the last few months,  Binance P2P has increased both its trading volume and number of users. There are three main reasons why Binance P2P has grown in popularity: safety, flexibility and ZERO fees when buying and selling crypto. 

Safe transactions: Each Binance P2P trade involves escrow service protection, which ensures that counterparties in a transaction are protected from attempts by either party to act in bad faith. Find out more about our escrow service here.

Payment flexibility: Binance P2P, the world’s leading peer to peer platform, has more than 300 payment methods and supports more than 70 fiat currencies worldwide, making it more convenient than ever to conduct fiat transactions.  

Lowest fees on the market: Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with no fees on Binance P2P.  The price you see is the price you pay. 

How Binance P2P creates a safe peer to peer trading environment

Peer to peer trading is an easy way to make money with crypto. In fact, some of our users, especially our verified merchants, earn a respectable income from peer to peer trading. 

Security remains our top priority as we regularly improve the Binance P2P trading experience and remove bad actors. Here’s a rundown of what we do: 

  • Improved our appeals process by scaling internal resources to provide you with quicker resolution times, so open cases don’t affect your business.

  • We offer 24/7 customer support to address urgent needs.

  • Our Binance Chat Support connects users to helpful resources and escalates issues to live support agents.

  • We have a customer support team dedicated solely to assisting our merchants. 

  • We conduct routine checks and remove suspicious offers to ensure your safety.

  • Our “filter ads” function lets you hide all non-Merchant vendors, ensuring you’ll trade only with verified Merchants.

Join our merchant program and take your earnings to the next level  

Become a merchant, gain access to the merchant portal and enjoy more trading features. Post ads with payment methods that include in-person cash transactions (a frequently requested payment method) and enjoy extra discounts, exclusive promotions, and much more. 

To become a verified merchant you need to have some previous experience when it comes to peer to peer trading. Are you ready to level up your earnings? Apply here, and our team will review your application and contact you directly.

How does the maker fee work?

- Buying crypto: When you buy crypto through an existing ad on the platform, there are NO FEES. The price you see is the price you pay.

- Selling crypto: When you sell crypto through an existing ad on the platform, there are NO FEES. The price you see is the price you pay.

- Posting ads: the ad posting fees will range from 0% to 0.35% depending on fiat market and trading pairs. Binance will apply transaction fees to every completed order from trade advertisements posted by makers. The fees will be charged in cryptocurrencies. Let's see an example: suppose you post an advertisement to sell 1,000 USDT for PHP. The USDT/PHP fee rate is 0.2%. When you publish the advertisement, a trading fee of 1000*0.2%= 2 USDT will be reserved from your P2P wallet. The trading fees will be deducted directly from an order.  In other words, the actual available amount for sales will be 998 USDT. 

You can see all the fees for posting ads by fiat currency here. These fees help cover the costs of keeping a safe trading environment  and handling appeals so that you can enjoy the best peer to peer trading experience in a highly secured platform.

Read the following FAQ items for more information:

- (Support) How to Post Trade Ads on Binance P2P Through the Website and the App.

- (Support) Binance P2P Merchant Program

- (Support) Binance P2P to Update Fees Scheme

- (Support) General faqs for merchant inquiries

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