Binance NFT Drop: The ADAHA Collection Feat. Artwork From Eight Leading Contemporary Artists


The ADAHA Collection brings innovative artwork to the Binance NFT marketplace, showcasing thought-provoking work from eight contemporary artists, including pioneering digital artist John Gerrard. The collection previews on July 26 and is available via online auction starting July 27, giving NFT collectors everywhere a chance to own rare artwork from renowned artists. 

Main takeaways

  • Preview the collection starting July 26, with online auctions to follow from July 27 onwards, where buyers can purchase the auction series that features artwork from eight leading contemporary artists 

  • ADAHA includes 24 unique works from world-renowned digital artist John Gerrard, whose art appears in prestigious museums including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA), Tate Britain and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), among others

  • 50% of artist proceeds from John Gerrard’s collection will go towards regenerative and biological farming organizations

  • The ADAHA Collection gives NFT collectors an unprecedented opportunity to own artwork that would otherwise appear in top exhibitions and galleries around the world.

Binance NFT is pleased to announce the ADAHA Collection, which features artwork from eight leading contemporary artists: John Gerrard, Tianzhuo Chen, MAOHAONAN, Timur Si-Qin, Tingwei Li, PPPEPPER3000, FEI Yining and Rhett Tsai. Works from ADAHA will be available exclusively for digital auction, starting July 27 on Binance NFT. 

The name ADAHA refers to a fictional belief system derived from the work of performance artist Tianzhuo Chen. Appropriately, this wide-ranging collection introduces collectors to eight distinct worlds, each with their own contrasting and complimentary belief systems. 

The ADAHA Collection gives Binance NFT users unprecedented access to work from some of today’s most exciting artists, whose works regularly appear in art galleries and exhibitions. 

John Gerrard | Crystalline Work (Arctic)_15669184 | 2021 | 05:35, mp4, 2k x 2k, mute | Still

Crystalline Work (Arctic) by John Gerrard

John Gerrard is best known for his ground-breaking computer simulations that depict seemingly real scenes from everyday life. His detailed and lifelike virtual words use software to subtly reimagine the world we live in. Gerrard is perhaps best known for his work Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas) 2017, which digitally recreates the site of the world’s first major oil find, augmented by a smoke flag.  

Gerrard’s work will appear for the first time on Binance NFT Marketplace as part of his Crystalline Work (Arctic) series, in which a robot arm manipulates the physics of ice formation to produce a series of unique crystal lattices, one an hour, running on Arctic time. On summer solstice 2021, twenty four unique lattices were produced as hybrid NFT’s encompassing video, a software code of each layout and a high resolution JPG of the final scene. 

As part of Gerrard’s commitment to sustainability, 50% of the artist proceeds from his series will go towards regenerative and biological farming organizations.

The first artwork of Gerrard’s series will be available via auction on July 27, 4pm (UTC) where the other 23 artwork will drop every two hours after. All drops will be completed on July 29, 2pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 30, 4pm (UTC).

Tianzhuo Chen |ADAHA Rebirth | 2021| 00:36, mp4, 1080 X 1350 px, mute | Still

ADAHA Rebirth by Tianzhuo Chen

Tianzhuo Chen is known for his elaborate staged installations and performances that merge the worlds of underground parties, theater and rituals to create something wholly new. 

ADAHA Rebirth explores the relationship between the ghost and the shell (or, the soul and the body). As an extension of themes previously explored in Chen’s solo show at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, ADAHA Rebirth depicts an otherworldly, hallucinatory being in a transcendent pose—a possible allusion to the “rebirth” of art in the new form of NFTs.  

ADAHA Rebirth will be available via auction on July 28, 3pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 29, 3pm (UTC).

 MAOHAONAN |Chimera #1 | 2021| 00:30, mp4, 2400 x 3840 px,  stereo | Still

Chimera #1 by MAOHAONAN

MAOHAONAN, whose work has appeared in major film festivals including the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in the Czech Republic, uses innovative post-production techniques like 3D videos and computer-rendered simulations to create singular interpretations of reality. 

MAOHAONAN’s Chimera #1 series reconstructs parts of the human body in virtual space, continuing the Cyborg-Frankenstein themes that appear in the first chapter of his previous work, Tender Story. The name of the artwork, “Chimera”, refers to an individual with body parts that are genetically distinct. As such, Chimera #1 depicts an original entity constructed from an assemblage of human mandibles, metal, crystals, pins and other materials—combining organic and inorganic substances to create an entirely new, chimeric body. 

Chimera #1 will be available via auction on July 29, 2pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 30, 2pm (UTC).

Timur Si-Qin |Cirsium Vulgaris 03| 2021| 01:00, mp4, 4k - 3840 x 2160px, 60fps, 40mbps, stereo | Still

Cirsium Vulgaris by Timur Si-Qin

Timur Si-Qin creates environmental art at the crossroads of cognition and contemporary philosophy. In Cirsium Vulgaris, thistles from the genus Cirsium, legally classified as “noxious weeds”, also represent vital nectar sources for the many species of birds that rely on them for survival. 

This dichotomy is explored to full effect in this series that invites viewers to contemplate the contradictions, diversity and innate beauty inherent to the natural world. 

Cirsium Vulgaris series will be available via auction on July 28, 4pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 29, 4pm (UTC). 

Tingwei Li | Lifebelt 2019 desktop | 2021| 01:05, mp4, H264, 30fps, 1766 x 1080 (1.0),  mute | Still

Lifebelt by Tingwei Li

Tingwei Li, shortlisted in Forbes’ “30 Under 30 China”, critically examines the shifting human consciousness that undergirds consumer society. 

In the Lifebelt series, Li details the rising tides of internet culture that threatens to place everyone on their own individual islands. However, not all is lost—within each individual, there resides a “lifebuoy” of optimism, suggesting that even in this post-pandemic world, there are still vital communities to belong to.  

Lifebelt series will be available via auction on July 29, 3pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 30, 3pm (UTC).

PPPEPPER3000 |THERE’LL COME A DAY| 2021| 00:38, mov, 1080p, 60fps, stereo | Still

There’ll Come A Day by PPPEPPER3000

PPPEPPER3000 is a digital native and artist whose work recasts the existentialist perspective in a new digital light. 

The artist explains a day that will come—whether soon or eventually, when existence will resemble an ideological entity, where “anything, any memory, anyone, when [time passes], all [dissolves into a] thin veil…” 

There’ll Come A Day will be available via auction on July 29, 4pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 30, 4pm (UTC).

 FEI Yining | The New Fire| 2021| 00:30, mp4, 2000 x 2000 px | stereo | Still

The New Fire by FEI Yining

FEI Yining, whose works have recently appeared at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, explores life’s ambiguous emotions, from uncertainty and anxiety to desire, in a decidedly post-human setting. 

Yining’s work revolves around Promethean themes. Her work The New Fire creates an alien figure—half fleshy flower, half humanoid/cable hybrid—who guards the green flame of envy. Here, the fire-stealing Promethean figure is recast into a post-human figure that features a cyborg-like arrangement of cables beneath its waist.

The New Fire will be available via auction on July 28, 5pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 29, 5pm (UTC).

 Rhett Tsai | WeChant: The Spray (version 1)| 2021|00:55, mp4, 1920 x 1080px, H.264 | stereo | Still

WeChant: The Spray by Rhett Tsai 

Rhett Tsai’s artwork incorporates new forms of Chinese cyberculture, as part of a critical reflection on the condition of contemporary media and society. 

WeChant: The Spray pays homage to the classic science fiction novel Ubik by Philip K. Dick, by bringing to life the data-erasing spray called “WeChant”. 

WeChant (version 1) will be available via auction on July 29, 5pm (UTC) and the auction will end on July 30, 5pm (UTC).

ADAHA Collection Arrives July 27 via Digital Auction 

The ADAHA Collection will appear as a digital auction series on Binance NFT starting July 27.

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