Binance Fan Token Launches ALPINE with BWT Alpine F1® Team


Main Takeaways 

  • Binance has announced a multi-year partnership as the official Fan Token partner and Alpine Esports partner of iconic racing team, BWT Alpine F1 Team.

  • The partnership and the ALPINE token mark the first Binance Fan Token launch in the F1 racing world and the third Binance Fan Token Launchpad project. 

  • Users who hold the ALPINE Fan Token can enjoy our exclusive token utility features, giving fans and new users an easy entry into the world of blockchain.

  • ALPINE Token holders can collect rare NFTs, participate in voting polls reserved for fans, and gain access to events, rewards and unique brand experiences.

  • Users can purchase ALPINE by committing BNB through the token’s Launchpad sale, or they can get ALPINE after listing on the secondary market.

BWT Alpine F1 Team is partnering up with Binance to introduce ALPINE Fan Token and a brand new fan experience tailored to Formula 1 enthusiasts. Holders of the ALPINE token can show their support, earn special fan privileges and explore new interactive ways of engaging with BWT Alpine F1 Team and top drivers, only via the Binance Fan Token platform. 

Powered by Binance,  ALPINE will make the BWT Alpine F1 Team the very first racing team on the Binance Fan Token Platform. The BWT Alpine F1 Team Fan Token is a digital extension of the team on the blockchain, allowing fans and enthusiasts to engage with both the racing and esports teams in groundbreakingly new ways. 

After successful Binance Fan Token launches with S.S. Lazio, FC Porto, and Santos FC, Binance now enables F1 fans and racing enthusiasts to explore what this new utility token holds for the future of BWT Alpine F1 Team—both on and beyond the race tracks.

About the BWT Alpine F1 Team

BWT Alpine F1 Team is the newest team to take its place on the Formula 1 grid after a successful debut season in 2021. Though newcomers to F1, Alpine has been making sports and racing cars since the 1950’s. In 1973, Alpine was acquired by Renault and in the first year of their partnership, an Alpine-Renault race car took home first place in the World Rally Championship. Just five years later in 1978, the partnership further bore fruit after an Alpine-Renault car won the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans Race. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Road to Success and Digital Transformation

Fast-forward to 2021, and Alpine once again finds itself at the pinnacle of motorsport after taking the reins from Renault in a strategic rebrand aimed at revitalizing results and promoting the Alpine name as a “symbol of French excellence.” In 2022, the team is looking to build on an impressive debut season, continuing on with their driver lineup of Grand-Prix winner Esteban Ocon, and 2-time World Champion, Fernando Alonso.

Born from the team’s passion for racing, Alpine esports is designed to bridge the gap between reality and the virtual world. BWT Alpine F1 Team continually strives to bring the world’s best virtual racers to compete in the largest virtual racing competitions. A state-of-the-art training facility and gaming house allows the team to train a new breed of digital-first drivers and collaborates with pioneering partners like Binance to show the same level of dedication to excellence beyond physical racing tracks.  

Alpine also became one of the first car manufacturers in the world to experiment with crypto art. The release of their exclusive NFTs, featuring their newest concept car, helped the brand make its debut in the metaverse. The F1 constructor is now furthering their digital journey with Binance Fan Token and a range of exciting token utility features that will explore a heightened form of brand engagement—that fosters a  closer connection with the brand’s more than 6.7 million supporters online. 

What Are ALPINE Fan Tokens

ALPINE Fan Tokens provide token holders with unique fan privileges and awards for showing support towards team affairs and activities. For instance, fans will be able to enjoy exclusive NFT collectibles, poll voting rights on key team decisions reserved for fans, access to money-cannot-buy brand experiences, special Fan Badges and rewards based on upcoming fan engagement activities, exclusively on Binance.

With the token launch and partnership, BWT Alpine F1 Team and Binance are committed in their mission to bring blockchain technology into the mainstream and educate the fan community worldwide on responsible and secure crypto adoption.

Collect Your ALPINE Fan Tokens

Binance will launch ALPINE Fan Tokens via the Binance Launchpad, our platform that gives users first access to upcoming, exciting projects. With equitable distribution measures in place, everyone will be able to purchase their fair share of tokens. To get your hands on some ALPINE, you’ll need to commit BNB on Launchpad

The ALPINE tokens will then be distributed according to each person’s proportion of the overall stake. There’s also a maximum cap per user, ensuring that no one person can receive too many ALPINE tokens in the sale. 

You can read more about the process in our Get Started With Binance Fan Token guide.

Enjoy Exclusive Fan Benefits with ALPINE

So what exactly will you get from holding ALPINE Fan Tokens? Well, expect benefits unlike anything you’ve seen before from a traditional fan club or community.

1. BWT Alpine F1 Team NFTs

ALPINE Fan Token holders can use their tokens to purchase NFT Mystery Boxes, with each box containing an NFT of a different rarity. The first collection will be available shortly after the listing and will be purchasable only with ALPINE tokens. Complete your set collection to unlock special rewards and brand experiences.

2. Special Voting Rights For BWT Alpine F1 Team Fans

Binance and BWT Alpine F1 Team will host Fan Voting polls that only ALPINE token holders can participate in. These polls could, for example, include choices on new car designs, merchandise, driver activities, and/or fan events. Stay tuned for more information.

3. Exclusive Racing Tickets and Grand Prix Access

We are bringing exciting new giveaways to the lovers of racing in the form of exclusive tickets and special Grand Prix access. Explore a range of similar fan experiences with the team, only available to the most dedicated of ALPINE token holders.

Join the ALPINE Fan Token Launchpad

Users and fans only have one opportunity to get ALPINE tokens in the Launchpad sale! Once the Launchpad sale is concluded and the token becomes listed, ALPINE will be available to purchase via Spot market, bank card purchases, P2P and/or gift cards. 

For more detailed information on Binance Fan Tokens, as well as their terms, conditions and risks, refer to the following FAQs and guides: