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Binance Fan Token 2021 Round-Up Report: A Global Debut For Elevated Fan Engagement


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Fan Token kicked off in 2021 and launched three top-tier teams: S.S. Lazio, FC Porto and Santos FC on Binance’s exclusive token launch Platform.

  • Binance Fan Tokens help bring the fan experience into the crypto world by giving token holders special benefits and privileges with teams and brands. 

  • The Binance Fan Token Platform is a premiere fan engagement hub featuring teams, exciting token utility features and Binance Fan Token rewards.

  • Our Token utility features include Fan Voting, Gift Cards, NFTs & Mystery Boxes, NFT PowerStation, and new ones like Fan Shop are coming to help fans score more amazing experiences.

  • Our BEP-20 tokens are powered by BNB Chain, taking advantage of our Ecosystem's highly secure and easy-to-use features, lightning-fast swaps and minimal transaction costs.

2021 was a strong year for fan engagement on the blockchain. The Binance Fan Token Platform debuted with three top-tier sports teams, powerful utility features and exclusive collectibles to engage worldwide sports communities. We look back at our journey and our key 2021 highlights while our teams are getting ready to launch new teams and never-before-seen brand experiences. Read our full report to find out more.

A Debut Year to Remember

Engaging fans can be a major challenge for many sports clubs, especially when ticket sales and event attendance are severely affected by a global pandemic.

Last year, Binance Fan Tokens set out to redefine the fan experience for worldwide sport enthusiasts beyond stadiums, and helped bridge the gap between teams and their supporters—with the power of blockchain and the Binance Ecosystem.

The fan club model is by no means a new idea. However, combining it with blockchain has created a new model for fandom within the crypto economy. Team tokens are essentially fungible, digital assets that enable brands, clubs and their players to explore better interactions with fans, while tokenization is creating more and more benefits that fans can enjoy.

As we get into the new year, it is time to look back at the key Binance Fan Token highlights over the past 6 months and what our fans have achieved.

2021 Highlights

1. Community Achievements

Learn more about featured teams, token utility features and our community highlights:

  • 3 New Featured Teams (LAZIO, PORTO and SANTOS) launched via Binance Launchpad and Launchpool

  • 4 Token Utility Features including: Fan Voting, Gift Cards, NFT Mystery Boxes, and NFT PowerStation

  • Around 3,500 Community Members joined our Turkish Telegram group

  • 18,400+ Twitter followers followed our channel and the counter is going up

2. Token Performance

Interested in our tokens’ market cap, ranking, trading volume and more? Find out how our tokens performed last year:

  • $446,000,000+ Combined Market Cap by the End of 2021 on CoinMarketCap

  • $6,000,000+ Total Binance Trading Volume

  • Within Top 10 CoinMarketCap Ranking by Fan Token Market Cap 

3. Fan Engagement

We had numerous campaigns and engagement activities in 2021. Here are the highlights:

  • 30+ Online & Offline Activities

  • 18 Fan Voting Polls

  • 15,472+ Votes in Fan Polls

4. NFTs & PowerStation

With our newly launched NFT collections and the NFT PowerStation utility feature, fans could explore a never-before-seen new way to not only own but to utilize their collectibles.

Here’s a list of what our teams and fans achieved last year:

  • 3 Exclusive NFT Collections Launched

  • 35,771 NFT Mystery Boxes Sold during Primary Sale

  • 6,392 NFTs In Total Charged in All PowerStation Activities

  • 3,784 NFTs Charged in a Single NFT PowerStation as a Top Record

  • $2799.16 Winning Bid on the Most Expensive NFT Sold

5. Token Rewards & Giveaways

Want to know how much reward our community scored in 2021? Have you missed out on our rewards? Don’t worry there’s a lot more to come like last year’s giveaways:

  • $2,700,000+ Worth of Binance Fan Tokens Given Away to Community

  • 6 Match Ticket Giveaways

6. Activity Highlights

These were the most engaging and well-received fan engagement activities that we launched last year with our listed teams:

That’s a wrap for the year 2021. Want to find out what’s coming in 2022? Read on!

Innovating and Elevating Fan Engagement

Binance Fan Tokens are shaking up the world of traditional sports and redefining fan engagement beyond stadiums—even more so now that traveling is restricted.

Binance Fan Tokens drive versatile value for football teams, sports brands and more. Our new Token Utility Features are developed in collaboration with the featured teams to make them as widely accessible to our online communitiy as possible, helping achieve the goal of improving the overall fan experience, as well as fostering new ways for fans to engage with the clubs they support.

With the development of web 3.0, teams will enjoy more feedback and interactivity from our fan community, and new features will drive more engagement with users—allowing brands to connect with fans between key events. Clubs can celebrate milestones with fans, promote upcoming tournaments and allow supporters to participate in activities beyond the stadium limits —while engaging more with the players they love. 

Fans can also become more active players in a club’s life, by seeing their votes and feedback turn into club decisions, NFTs and unique memorabilia, as well as utility features, which grant them even more engagement opportunities. Entry barriers for fans and new users are low as they can get a fraction of a Binance Fan Token to participate in upcoming activities, while enjoying the benefits of our expanding digital community, and a unique interaction with top-tier clubs.

Find out more about tokenomics, club partnership goals and our collaboration roadmap in the LAZIO research report and other team reports on Binance Research.

Express Your Love for the Game

We have a range of upcoming team listings and countless activities for both token holders and those who are just joining the game:

  • Compete and Win in a Showdown Event Between Football’s Best—featuring new utility reveals, a reward-filled competition, and special NFT giveaways!

  • Participate in a Surprise Team Launch and NFT Drops—we are gearing up the Platform with solid new partnerships, and amazing collectibles very soon!

  • Don’t Miss Out on Big-Name Football Team Launches—Get ready for more top-notch titles on our Platform and to score some amazing rewards!

  • Get Ready for a Trading Competition where You Can Be a Whale too!—Try your best to hit the fan leaderboard for a chance to win up to 25% of the entire reward pool, or get your share of $10,000 worth of Binance Fan Token rewards.

To get VIP benefits for your favorite clubs, head to the Binance Fan Token Platform. Check back regularly to explore how you can participate in team launches and activities.

What’s Next: 2022 Q1 Token Utility Roadmap

The Binance Fan Token Platform updates periodically with state-of-the-art and gamified token utility features—opening up new horizons for branded content to be leveraged, exchanged and utilized in intuitive ways within the Binance ecosystem.

Upcoming features this year will drive even more utility for team tokens and higher tiers of engagement with partnering teams and their crews. Some new features users will be able to explore soon are: 

  • Match Prediction—A soon to be introduced utility feature that will allow fans to engage with real life football players. By predicting the match outcome (win or loss, correct score), fans can support their favourite teams and get rewarded in the supported club's Binance Fan Token.

  • Binance Player of the Month—A new feature, where users will be able to vote after each match on the MVP player, and we will reward the most voted players from each club with $10,000 in Binance Fan Tokens at the end of each month. Voters can also split reward pools for their participation if they share their votes on Twitter using #BinancePOTM.

  • Extended Fan Shop—Expect new exclusive team items and some amazing NFTs to arrive at our Fan Shop. Remember, items are often limited, so make sure to participate in time!

This article is first in a series of upcoming blog articles that will explore future Binance Fan Token prospects, token utility, highlights, misconceptions and roadmap updates. To get the latest news about our upcoming features and initiatives, follow us on Twitter, and join our official Turkish Telegram group to talk with our community.

For more detailed information on Binance Fan Tokens, as well as their terms, conditions, and risks, refer to the following FAQs and guides: