Breaking New Ground: Binance's User Asset Holdings Exceed $100 Billion


Main Takeaways

  • A combination of Binance’s strong inflows and rising digital asset prices yielded a significant milestone: the value of funds that Binance holds on behalf of its users exceeded $100 billion.

  • We hold all user funds at a 1:1 ratio, plus additional reserves, which anyone can verify using Binance’s proof-of-reserves (POR) system. Supporting 31 digital assets and utilizing innovative solutions based on zero-knowledge cryptography, our POR exemplifies Binance's commitment to user funds transparency.

  • With more funds flowing into the crypto ecosystem during the current market cycle, the transparency and reliability of centralized platforms holding user assets is more important than ever. With its proof-of-reserves system Binance sets an industry standard in this regard.

In the past few weeks, there has been no shortage of records, all-time-highs, and crypto industry firsts. Binance has recently added a special record to this collection, one that speaks to both the healthy run of the crypto market and rising transparency of user funds in the crypto space. In the first week of March, the aggregate value of user assets custodied on Binance has soared past the $100 billion mark for the first time since we began disclosing user asset holdings via our proof-of-reserves (POR) system in November 2022.

The 16th POR snapshot, taken on the first day of March, showed reserves very close to this landmark figure. As strong inflows and the rise of digital asset prices continued into March, we have surpassed the $100 billion threshold shortly thereafter. As we take a closer look at the meaning of this milestone, it's essential to recognize the factors contributing to this success and reaffirm the importance of transparency and trust in the digital-asset space.

The $100 Billion Milestone: A Closer Look

The journey past the $100 billion threshold is not just an arbitrary number – it's a testament to the continued confidence in Binance and the robust performance of the crypto markets. Recent weeks have witnessed a remarkable, sustained uptick in digital asset prices, a trend that has undoubtedly played a significant role in elevating the value of user assets under Binance's custody. 

Aggregate USD value of digital assets held by Binance, November 2022-March 2024. Source: DefiLlama.

This period of positive market dynamics, coupled with increasingly robust inflows into the platform, underscores both the growing excitement about crypto and the trust users place in Binance as an exchange and reliable custodian of their funds. Our transparency of fund management and commitment to user asset safety are key pillars supporting this trust. The central element of this formula is Binance’s POR system, which allows anyone to verify our aggregate user asset holdings as well as empowers individual users with the ability to check that their funds are held safely.

The Backbone of Trust

From its inception with support for several major tokens, Binance’s POR has evolved significantly, now supporting 31 digital assets and incorporating advanced solutions like zk-SNARKs to enhance privacy and robustness. This system not only assures users of the 1:1 backing of their assets at all times but also sets a new standard in transparency through a combination of Merkle tree cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs. This approach allows for the verification of total net user asset balances without compromising individual privacy, a crucial step forward in ensuring trust and security in the ecosystem.

The open-sourcing of the POR code and the active engagement with the community and security experts have been instrumental in refining the system. Feedback and external audits have led to continuous improvements, highlighting Binance's commitment to not just maintaining but elevating industry standards. As we continue to enhance the POR system, we encourage a culture of user-fund transparency and accountability across the crypto industry.

As per the latest POR iteration, on March 1, Binance held more than 103% of user BTC funds – meaning as many bitcoins as users deposited to our platform, plus an additional reserve of 3% – almost 103.5% of user ETH funds, and as much as 110.6% in USDT.

Please note that the aggregate figures provided by blockchain market intelligence firms, while useful, are not a perfect representation of the amount of user funds on Binance: some of the assets included in such calculations are Binance’s own operational funds. The ultimate source of the most accurate information on user asset holdings on Binance are our monthly POR audits.

A Future Built on Transparency

The milestone of exceeding $100 billion in user funds is a clear indicator of the growing trust in Binance and the crypto industry at large. As more funds are custodied by responsible players like Binance, in a transparent and secure manner, the future of the digital-asset space looks increasingly promising. Binance's ongoing commitment to its proof-of-reserves system is about ensuring that user funds are safe and well-managed, as well as leading by example and fostering a culture of trust and transparency that benefits the entire ecosystem.

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