Binance Receives Coveted Security and Privacy Certifications


Main Takeaways

  • Binance has secured a pair of sought-after certifications for meeting exacting international standards in information security governance and privacy information management in three European and Middle Eastern jurisdictions.

  • A trusted external auditor awarded Binance the certifications following a comprehensive evaluation of our security and privacy systems and controls.

  • Security and data protection are Binance’s top priorities. Your assets and data are always safe with us.

We are excited to share that Binance has been awarded the coveted ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications for information security governance and privacy information management in three jurisdictions across Europe and the Middle East: France, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Binance secured the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certificates for meeting the internationally recognized standards in information security governance and privacy information management, respectively. Building robust security and privacy measures has always been a key priority for Binance, and these ISO certifications are a testament to the company’s consistent efforts on these fronts.

A-LIGN, the external auditor, – a technology-driven security and compliance partner trusted by more than 4,000 global organizations to help mitigate cybersecurity risks – awarded the two ISO certifications to Binance following a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the security and privacy domains of its operations.

Information Security and Data Protection at Binance

According to Jimmy Su, Chief Security Officer at Binance, information security governance is a critical aspect of modern organizations. By securing these internationally recognized certifications, Binance demonstrates that it has established effective controls and protections in these key domains.

Su added: “Users on our platform can be assured that their assets and information are protected in line with the latest global standards. We have a team of highly experienced security professionals that are continuously improving, adapting, and innovating to ensure that Binance remains at the forefront of safeguarding the blockchain ecosystem.”

Stewart Thompson, Chief Data Protection Officer at Binance, shared that the company’s data protection team works closely with other teams – including security, legal, compliance, and operations – to ensure that Binance meets the most rigorous global privacy requirements. “We’re glad to see our teams’ efforts rewarded with these independently accredited certifications. This is a significant milestone for us at Binance, as we continue to advance security and privacy standards within the blockchain space,” he noted.

Continued Conformity and Geographical Expansion

Moving forward, Binance will be undergoing annual surveillance audits to ensure continued conformity with the standards set out within the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications. There are also plans to expand the certifications to other regions and obtain additional internationally recognized security, privacy, and compliance certifications.

Undergoing third-party audits of our security and compliance practices is part of Binance’s broader commitment to building trust and reliability within the blockchain ecosystem through adherence to industry standards and regulations.