Binance Launches UK Domain in Compliance with New Financial Promotions Rules


In compliance with the updated Financial Promotions Regime, Binance has launched a new domain for UK users and partnered with Limited which will approve Binance’s marketing and communications materials. is an FCA  regulated firm which is authorised to approve crypto marketing and communications materials as an ‘S21 approver’. This partnership and new domain means that we can offer services in the UK in compliance with the updated Financial Promotions Rules.

UK retail users will now be redirected to, which will only show Binance products and services that we can offer in compliance with UK regulations. These include:

  • Fiat and crypto deposits and withdrawals

  • Spot Trading 

  • Margin Trading

  • Convert

  • NFT marketplace

  • Binance Pay

  • Crypto Loans

  • Launchpad

Our compliance with the Financial Promotions Regime means that certain products will no longer be available to UK retail users, for example:

  • Gift Cards

  • Academy 

  • Research 

  • Feed

  • Referral bonuses

These changes only apply to retail users in the UK from 8 October 2023, and will not affect users which are exempt under the new Financial Promotions Regime (such as certain institutional and professional investors).

Compliance with regulation around the world remains a top priority for Binance. We are pleased that our partnership with allows us to meet our regulatory commitments in the UK and provide uninterrupted service to our users.