Binance Labs Invests in $ARKM Token to Support On-Chain Insights at Scale Across The Blockchain Ecosystem


Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance has invested in $ARKM, the native token of Arkham. Arkham is an AI-powered blockchain intelligence and data platform that provides granular information and visualization tools for on-chain activity. 

Arkham’s mission is to deanonymize blockchain transactions and empower self-regulation by enabling users to visualize anyone’s blockchain transactions through Arkham’s intelligence platform is powered by its proprietary AI engine, ULTRA, which algorithmically matches addresses with real-world entities and enables users with searchable and sortable transaction history on its entity and token pages, as well as its network visualizations that maps entity relationships and flow funds, enhancing transparency in the crypto industry. 

The protocol has introduced the world’s first on-chain intelligence exchange, the Arkham Intel Exchange, a decentralized intelligence economy that matches buyers and sellers of blockchain intelligence at scale and allows users who generate intelligence to capture value for their work. Through Arkham’s “Intel-to-Earn”, the platform incentivizes the production of intelligence as a public good through bounties and auctions, with trades and rewards powered by the $ARKM token. In addition, its DATA Program that rewards users for submitting intelligence used to train ULTRA, its proprietary AI engine.  

About Arkham

Arkham transforms raw blockchain transaction information into a clear view of the entities using cryptocurrencies and their activities providing intelligence to exchanges, trading firms and individuals. Arkham's proprietary technology, Ultra, enables Arkham to map crypto activity beyond any other intelligence platform by gathering on and off-chain data from a variety of sources and synthesizes them to form a single, scalable, amendable source of truth. For more information, follow Arkham on Twitter.