Binance Academy Partners with Leading European Schools to Offer University-Accredited Web3 Courses


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Academy has collaborated with prestigious European educational institutions to launch a series of university-accredited courses covering key disciplines and topics of blockchain and Web3, thus broadening the reach of high-quality blockchain education.

  • The universities involved in this partnership include the European Business University in Luxembourg, and ESCP Business School. Renowned professors teaching blockchain and Web3 courses participated in designing and recording the material.

  • The course fees have been set at an accessible price to ensure maximum reach, with co-branded certificates awarded upon course completion.

Binance Academy, the crypto learning hub of Binance, has partnered with leading European educational institutions to launch a series of paid university-accredited courses. Their curricula will cover key topics and disciplines of blockchain and Web3, offering learners a deep understanding of the digital-asset space. 

By offering these programs together with renowned business schools across Europe and engaging reputed academics, Binance Academy is hoping to massively expand the reach of its educational efforts and help even more students learn about blockchain technology. The university partners are the European Business University (EBU) in Luxembourg, and ESCP Business School, which has various locations across Europe, including Madrid and Turin.

From Fundamentals to Advanced Solutions

The courses have been designed and recorded in partnership with professors already teaching crypto and blockchain-related courses on European university campuses.

The course offered in partnership with Luxembourg’s European Business University (EBU) was designed alongside the University’s President and Academic Dean, Dr. James Mulli. Throughout 7 weeks of study, Blockchain and P2P Fundamentals will cover blockchain’s wide-ranging applications across industries, structured into modules like Trading & Mining Digital Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contract Creation, CBDCs & Crypto Regulation, and more. Learners will discover blockchain's practical use cases in sectors ranging from asset management to insurance, cross-border payments, supply chain management, healthcare, and others.

ESCP Business School will offer a 4-week program created with Dr. Marcus Schmalbach, professor for Blockchain & AI. The course, titled Blockchain Mastery: From Fundamentals to Advanced Corporate Solutions, will offer participants a holistic overview of the digital assets landscape and their implications for both businesses and investors. Students will explore topics ranging from the inception of Bitcoin to unpacking blockchain consensus mechanisms, decentralized finance (DeFi), tokenomics, and smart contracts.

Focus on Accessibility

Binance's main goal in this effort is to ensure the widest possible access to high-quality blockchain knowledge.

Binance Co-Founder Yi He said: “We're thrilled to join hands with prestigious European universities in delivering university-accredited Web3 courses. Education plays a pivotal role in advancing adoption and fostering opportunities as these technologies redefine our future and global economic landscape. Our commitment to accessibility aligns with our user-centric principles, driving financial inclusivity and sustainable innovation as we champion growth within the broader ecosystem.”

To make the courses accessible to a wide range of learners, the price of enrollment is set at 10 USDT, with a promotional price of 4 USDT at launch. Upon completion of each course, participants will be awarded a co-branded certificate from the university and Binance Academy.

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