UPDATE: $100M Accelerator Fund Supports 2 More Projects


There are now 15 projects supported by Binance’s $100 million accelerator fund for developers to build blockchain projects on BNB Smart Chain

[UPDATE: As of December 10, we have added Blink and Tenderly to the list of supported projects for the accelerator fund. More details below.]

We are proud to announce the newest batch of blockchain projects that will receive funding from Binance as part of the $100 million accelerator fund:

1. Blink - a brand-new gaming platform running entirely on the BNB Smart Chain, enabling BNB holders to start using their tokens for daily gaming.

2. Tenderly - a cloud-based platform enabling the rapid development of blockchain dApps, through development tools, testing environments, smart contract monitoring, and production infrastructure abstractions.

The addition of these projects to the accelerator fund advances the goal of Binance X, which oversees the selection process, to grow the industry through fostering innovation on the various Binance platforms and beyond. 

The two projects above will join previous batches of blockchain projects that receive funding from Binance as part of the $100 million fund: 

1. Encode - a university-focused developer community that utilizes private sponsorship to hold hackathons, early-stage project support (pre-accelerators), and blockchain sharing through workshops and AMAs. (Batch 3)

2. OpenGSN - a meta-transaction network that enables Dapp users to use the applications, which call Ethereum contracts, without paying for gas fees themselves. (Batch 3)

3. Bounce - a decentralized NFT auction platform that incorporates liquidity mining, decentralized governance and staking incentive mechanisms. It provides OTC trading, token sales and NFT auctions on-chain. (Batch 2)

4. DeFiStation - a DeFi chart & analytics board for projects building on the BNB Smart Chain. (Batch 2)

5. Gitcoin - a developer-focused platform that supports open-source blockchain projects via crowdfunding and foundation grants.  All activities on Gitcoin are tracked on the blockchain. (Batch 2)

6. JustLiquity - a project that aims to create a liquidity protocol mechanism to protect token holders from low liquidity and team liquidity exit by instituting token unlocking schedules and single side liquidity in the smart contract.  (Batch 2)

7. PARSIQ - a provider of “IFTTT” (IF This Then That) programmability for BSC, made possible by allowing actions to be triggered by smart contract data and events. (Batch 2)

8. Anyswap - a cross-chain swap protocol with an automated pricing and liquidity system that enables swaps between BNB, BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, etc. (Batch 1)

9. Arkane Network - a project that allows game developers and other DApps to easily integrate BNB Smart Chain and their tokens into their applications. (Batch 1)

10. BakerySwap-  an AMM pool on BNB Smart Chain and the creator of Bakery Combo, the first NFTfi platform built on BakerySwap and running on the BNB Smart Chain. (Batch 1)

11. Bitquery - a project that indexes and provides a unified data interface for 20+ blockchains, making it easy to run queries and get business intelligence from dApps running on the BNB Smart Chain. (Batch 1)

12. Pancake Swap - the #1 AMM pool on BNB Smart Chain, with a focus on gamified yield-farming mechanics and a mechanism that brings more substantial incentives for user participation and token use-cases. (Batch 1)

13. Proxima - a fast, decentralized, highly-scalable trustless data query protocol based on Merkle proofs that supports authentication. (Batch 1)

BSC Is Looking For More Innovative Projects

Right now, BSC features an ever-growing network of projects, developers, and builders, all with the strong support of the BSC community. More than 40 dApps, infrastructure, and tools are running on BSC. And we want to continue this growth. We are looking for more innovative dApps from diverse categories, such as synthetix, derivatives, prediction marketing, aggregators, and more. 

BSC is screening a lot of these projects based on a set of criteria, including community support, security, liquidity, and innovation. And if you are working on a project that is strong on these aspects, submit an application now BSC Accelerator Fund.

Advantages of Joining the BSC Accelerator Fund

We believe good investors are ready to help when their portfolio companies have any asks. Here are areas that we have been helpful in:

1. Business development opportunities. Working closely with Binance allows your project to interact and get to know most of the crypto/blockchain ecosystem players. One thing we actively do is to connect our projects with other projects to discuss collaboration opportunities.

2. Marketing support. We use our various marketing channels to highlight interesting and useful projects in the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem. We will take the projects to local communities and colleges, where they will interact with developers and students around the world.

3. PR support. We tend to invest in projects with strong technical talent. Some teams are so small that they do not have a dedicated PR/Marketing team. We will have mentors from Binance to help with their messaging and how to best deliver their message.

4. Recruiting support. Having a strong team is one of the most important aspects of a startup. We are in constant contact with talents in our ecosystem, and we often play matchmaker for our portfolio companies and potential employees.

5. Peer support. Growing a startup is hard work and it helps to share best practices and knowledge among peer companies. We create opportunities for companies in the same stage of growth to interact and support each other.

If you think your DeFi project has what it takes to join the next round of funding for the BSC Accelerator Fund, sign up now!

You can also join the BNB Chain Developer Community.