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About Dusk Network

A new Blockchain for privacy on a public network 

Dusk Network is a next-generation blockchain designed for Confidential Smart Contracts. At the heart of Dusk Network lies PLONK: the zero-knowledge proof system that provides privacy on a public network, industrial-grade performance, and scalability for all enterprises. Through Dusk Network, financial institutions have the opportunity to ensure data privacy and meet compliance requirements on-chain. This eliminates the major adoption hurdles of public networks: data leakage and intermediary costs.

No blockchain adoption without privacy

Blockchain allows companies to manage and track assets, and make complex interactions across large business ecosystems. However, public blockchains pose privacy concerns, making them unsuitable for traditional financial use-cases.

Time to liberate the financial industry

The institutions responsible for today’s capital markets have built their business models around solving market inefficiencies. Over the last decade they’ve become increasingly unwilling to innovate. To spur financial inclusivity, flexibility, and liquidity, we need to liberate capital, and rebuild the market to be digital, cost-effective, and interconnected.

Dusk Network solves this

Dusk Network facilitates privacy in transaction data, so companies can incorporate varying levels of blockchain technology without the fear of exposing confidential data. In addition, the network is built to comply with MiFID II requirements for financial instruments, such as providing direct settlement finality of transactions, and trusted disclosures for auditability and compliance purposes.

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Tech Highlights

  • PLONK | Privacy & Performance

Thanks to PLONK, the lightning-fast standard in zero-knowledge technologies, transactions on Dusk Network benefit from confidentiality.

  • SBA Consensus | Immediate Settlement Finality

The Segregated Byzantine Agreement, our unique Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, delivers settlement finality. This is essential for Security Tokens and financial dApps that require transactions to be final and irreversible as soon as processed.

  • RUSK | Privacy Smart Contracts

RUSK is a Confidential Smart Contract platform that opens up the development for a new breed of powerful decentralized applications (dApps) and enables anyone to program privacy-enabled smart contracts.

Public Testnet Launch

On February 1, 2022, Dusk Network will launch its public testnet. The Daybreak launch signifies the public release of Dusk Network’s blockchain protocol. Every day we are working on laying the foundations for a fairer financial system. While this is not done overnight, we are excited to expand our ranks with like-minded people. A community of long-term thinkers, who love a good challenge and cannot wait to be involved with our mission. Together we can take Dusk Network mainstream.

There is no minimum requirement to sign up for the Provisioner waitlist. While mainnet requires node participants to stake DUSK to be eligible for block generation and validation, testnet will make use of so-called testnet tokens. Provisioners are at the heart of Dusk consensus, and take part in committees to validate blocks. For block generation there is a committee of 1, which means that every consensus round one Provisioner is also granted the title of Block Generator.